TikTok bride spends nine months knitting wedding dress during daily commute

The gorgeous result has to be seen to be believed.
The gorgeous result has to be seen to be believed. Photo credit: TikTok/@Esther Andrews.

Many of us Kiwis enjoy a good DIY job on the weekends or during the summer holidays, but there are some things you'd usually leave to the professionals - like your wedding dress. 

But one US woman has proven that wrong after spending nine months hand-knitting her own bridal outfit during her daily subway commute to work.

Documenting the long process on TikTok, Esther Andrews revealed she used over four miles (6km) of mohair lace yarn to make the dress, which had layers of ruffles, a tiered skirt, long sleeves and a V neckline.

The hand-knitted nature of the dress wasn't the only bit of creative flair. Andrews decorated it with tiny handstitched tomatoes to go with the "silly and fun" wedding theme: "Space pirate meets a tomato patch." 

"When it came time to sew together I was scared because I could only trust that it would fit - no time to go back," she wrote in the clip, adding the dress only came together the day before the wedding. "Thankfully it was OK so I could add the little tomatoes!"

Fittingly, she also made her groom's outfit, which was made to look like a spaceman's suit.

The clip showing the process and resulting hilarious wedding photos has racked up over 600,000 views from impressed TikTok users. 

"I have no idea what is going o with this theme but I love it," one person commented.

"This is so cute and creative and fun, another person wrote. 

Her new husband also chipped in. 

"Just so you know I'm the HUSBAND! And if you're thinking I'm lucky, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE HALF OF IT."