'Don't talk to the bride': Couple sends wedding guests bizarre list of instructions for big day

A bizarre list of rules issued to wedding guests stipulating hairstyles they're allowed to wear to the ceremony and that they aren't allowed to talk to the bride has drawn the mirth of the internet. 

The couple's wedding planner sent an email to guests providing "rules and regulations" for guests planning to attend.

Some of the stipulations were typically unspoken wedding ones: Arriving 15 minutes early, not wearing cream or ivory, and not recording during the "seramony" [sic] - a typo which surely must be a red flag in a wedding planner. 

But others in the list stood out as a little more bizarre. 

"Do not have a full face of makeup, do not wear anything other than a basic bob or ponytail," were some notable inclusions. 

"DO NOT TALK TO THE BRIDE AT ALL," read another. 

And finally, "You must come with a gift of $75 or more or you won't be admitted". 

The email was screenshotted and shared to a popular Reddit forum, where it racked up over 3000 comments from shocked users. 

"I'd go in a half a face of makeup, Lady Gaga style," one person joked, 

"I'm thinking wigs. Wigs in all colours. Fastest way to get a bob," added another.

Others pondered about the gift.

"I think a $75 donation to a charity is the perfect gift for this wacko," mused one person, 

"Bring a gift worth $74.99, see if they let you in," wrote another. 

It's not the first list of wedding 'demands' to go viral. 

Earlier this year, a bride penned a shocking list of demands for her bridesmaids which included "hitting the gym" to fit size 8 dresses, and cutting their hair to shoulder length.