From Richard Branson to BBQ: Meat the man behind Auckland restaurant Smokin Cole

Vegans, look away. 

Are you a creature of the carnivorous variety? 

If you answered yes, then you should definitely head to Smokin Cole BBQ.

Located in Grey Lynn, Auckland, it offers some of the most mouthwatering delicious BBQ in New Zealand. 

The secret is food made with love, experience and time - lots of it. 

Croydon Cole, Smokin Cole BBQ owner and chef, told Newshub: "We smoke our meat anywhere from five to 16 hours." 

The end result of those hours is a sweet, smoky meat that almost melts in your mouth. 

Croydon was a chef for many years, cooking for the mega-rich on their private yachts. That included for people like Richard Branson and some other people that, well, he can't even mention.

During this time he learnt how the top 1 percent like to eat. 

"They were very particular, Richard likes his porridge cooked with Perrier, Guy Laliberté would only have crepes for breakfast. Caviar was always high on the list." 

After life on the high-seas, Croydon decided to take a trip to America, taking his newly-purchased Harley Davidson for a spin across the country.

"I rode across America for four months eating BBQ and finding out the origins from South Carolina all the way to California."

Armed with the knowledge of authentic BBQ, Croydon decided it was time to start up his own restaurant. 

"When we started it was just the two of us and we hustled the tables together. The menu was written on the side of the fridge with a whiteboard marker. It's been a cool journey so far and I'm enjoying taking it even further."