Revealed: Auckland's latest 'critically' filthy restaurants

Auckland's latest filthy restaurants have been revealed in a horrifying list detailing infestations and unclean premises.

Eleven restaurants received E grades and 37 received D grades from Auckland Council between March 8 and June 30 for failing to have their outlets up to scratch.

Details of Auckland's E grade eateries

Chargrill Box in Auckland Central received its E grade for a "critical" cockroach infestation, being "critically" dirty and unhygienic, and not being registered. It is yet to be given a new grade because its registration is still being processed.

Wins Diner in Otara also received its E grade for a "critical" cockroach infestation and being "critically" dirty and unhygienic. It has since been re-graded to an A.

Yuema Malaysian Restaurant in Albany was also "critically" dirty and unhygienic. Its food control plan wasn't satisfactorily implemented and there were also cross-contamination risks. It too received an A grade during a follow-up inspection.

Kiwi Fish and Chips in Auckland was graded E for its "critical" cockroach infestation, being "critically" dirty and unhygienic, and not being registered. Its current grade is pending.

Cable Bay Vineyards on Waiheke Island received its E grade of a "critical" cockroach infestation. It was later re-graded to A.

Both Daruma Ramen Botany in East Tamaki and Caspian Pizza & Grill in Howick had a "critical" cockroach infestation, as well as being "critically" dirty and unhygienic. Both received an A grade upon reinspection.

Dahua Supermarket Panmure also had a "critical" cockroach infestation and was "critically" dirty and unhygienic. It received a D grade on reinspection.

Thai Kitchen Takeaway in Mount Roskill and Herne Bay Thai Cuisine both received E grades for a "critical" cockroach infestation and for having cross-contamination risks. They were later re-graded to an A.

Mates Rates Takeaways in Otara had a "critical" cockroach infestation, was "critically" dirty and unhygienic, had deficient maintenance and records, and had cross-contamination risks.

Revealed: Auckland's latest 'critically' filthy restaurants
Photo credit: Supplied / Auckland Council

Photos supplied to Newshub show one food outlet with cockroaches and bugs sitting at the bottom of a drawer. Other images show bugs stuck to a glue rat trap and mouldy chopping boards.

A spokesperson for Auckland Council told Newshub that E grades are issued to businesses with critical food safety risks.

"When a critical risk to food safety is found, the business will immediately close and will reopen when the critical food safety risk has been addressed," they say.

"For example, if a food business is found to have an extensive cockroach infestation, it will not be permitted to reopen, unless the cockroach infestation has been satisfactorily mitigated."

D grades are given when a business needs to improve but it isn't a critical risk.

"A D grade means that faults that are not a critical risk to food safety were found on the premises and intervention by a food safety officer was required."

E-grade Eateries

  • Chargrill Box, Auckland Central - now processing registration
  • Wins Diner, Otara - now grade A
  • Yuema Malaysian Restaurant, Albany - now grade A
  • Kiwi Fish and Chips, Auckland Central - grade pending
  • Cable Bay Vineyards, Waiheke Island - now grade A
  • Daruma Ramen Botany, East Tamaki - now grade A
  • Caspian Pizza & Grill, Howick - now grade A
  • Dahua Supermarket Panmure - now grade D
  • Thai Kitchen Takeaway, Mount Roskill - now grade A
  • Herne Bay Thai Cuisine, Herne Bay - now grade A
  • Mates Rates Takeaways, Otara - now grade A

D-grade Eateries

  • Marco Polo Roasts, Balmoral - now grade D
  • Hi Sweety Hot Spicy Pot, Henderson - now grade C
  • Bombay Spice Indian Takeaway, Papatoetoe - still grade D
  • Harris Road Bakery, Mount Wellington - still grade D
  • Johnny's Steak, Pukekohe - now grade A
  • Parrs Cross Bakery, Glen Eden - still grade D
  • Mr Zhou's Dumplings, New Lynn - now grade A
  • Namaste Restaurant & Bar, Mount Eden - now grade A
  • The Good Home, Stanmore Bay - still grade D
  • Well-done Bakery, Mount Eden - still grade D
  • Hut BBQ Noodles - Lincoln Road, Henderson - now grade A
  • White Cloud Spur, Albany - now grade A
  • Lawson Convenience Store, Auckland Central - grade pending
  • The Wok Takeaways, Grafton - now grade A
  • Selera Café Broadway 277, Newmarket - now grade A
  • Sweet Talk, East Tamaki - grade pending
  • Daam So Restaurant, East Tamaki - now grade A
  • Gateway Wholesale Meats, Takanini - grade pending
  • Wan Fu Yuan Restaurant, Howick - still grade D
  • Chargrill Kebabs & Burgers, Auckland Central - now grade A
  • Kebab King Westcity, Henderson - grade pending
  • Nomada Café, Henderson - grade pending
  • Kedai Mamak, Three Kings - grade pending
  • 5M Trading, East Tamaki - now grade A
  • Chinese Cuisine Albany - now grade A
  • Springs Bakery, East Tamaki - now grade A
  • Monsieur Madame, Mount Eden - now grade A
  • My Kitchen Howick - now grade A
  • Kebab King Symonds Street, Auckland Central - now grade A
  • Star Café Seafood Restaurant, Wairau Valley - now grade A
  • Thai Noodle, Northcote - now grade A
  • Golden Jade Seafood Restaurant, Epsom - now grade A
  • Flourishing Café, Avondale - now grade A
  • Damo Sushi, Grafton - now grade A
  • Da Hua Supermarket Panmure - still grade D
  • Howick Bakehouse, Northpark - now grade A
  • Discount Meats, Mangere - now grade A