'This changes everything': New Zealand woman discovers Kmart online shopping trick

There is truly no worse feeling (hyperbole alert) than ordering something you've absolutely fallen in love with online, only to have it arrive and find it doesn't fit, or look nice in your house, or is actually a couch for a doll's house and not your lounge… the list goes on. 

If you've ever been a victim of such a shopping bungle and you're a fan of budget department store giant Kmart, you need to know about this online shopping feature one New Zealand woman has discovered. 

Rangihuia Woods posted in local Facebook group 'Kmart & The Warehouse Hacks & Decor NZ' about a recent discovery she'd made. 

"Obviously I'm shopping at 2:30 in the morning so I just wanted to show you guys this and see if I'm the only one who didn't know about this," she narrates the video, originally filmed on TikTok. 

Woods says she was looking at purchasing one of the Kmart tables for beside her front door, and while shopping noticed a feature that was "out the gate". 

"You can use your phone and you can place it [virtually] in your house!"

Woods showed that by using the 'view in your space' feature when shopping on your phone, you can easily place a 3D image of piece of furniture in your bedroom, lounge or whenever you're keen on seeing it. 

This Newshub reporter gave it a try in her hallway - to mixed results.
This Newshub reporter gave it a try in her hallway - to mixed results. Photo credit: Newshub.

It seems the feature is reserved for large furniture and rugs; the listings for softer furnishings like cushions and throws don't appear to have the feature.

"Like always, I am probably the only person who didn't know this but it blew my mind!" Woods captioned the video. 

It seems she definitely wasn't the only one, with the video racking up over 1000 likes, and hundreds of comments from shocked shopping fans vowing to try it. 

"Now that's dangerous," one person wrote. 

"This changes everything!" another person added. 

"Everything I own needs to go in the garage while I try this out," another person joked. 

Woods isn't the first person to discover a handy Kmart hack. 

Earlier this month, one Kiwi woman used budget items from Kmart and Mitre 10 to create a kitchen rack others dubbed "stunning".