Woman goes to acquaintance's baby shower, only to learn she wasn't pregnant

A woman has gone viral for her bizarre story of turning up to a 'baby shower' only to discover the host was not in fact pregnant. 

Taking to Reddit forum 'Am I the Asshole', the anonymous woman asked other Reddit users for advice after taking back her gift "from a fake baby". 

Explaining that her coworker Rhonda had invited her to her daughter's baby shower, the touched woman chose a gift from the registry and headed along at the appropriate time.

But she was shocked to learn on arrival this "wasn't a regular baby shower'. 

"Talking to my other coworkers that were there, we figured out none of us had met the daughter," the woman explained. 

"Rhonda introduced her daughter to our little group, and I congratulated her, and thanked her for having us. She laughed and said something like 'thank you, but I'm not pregnant quite yet -  but it's always good to be prepared for when the time comes'."

The woman said she was "visibly confused" which appeared to "offend" Rhonda's daughter, and as she walked away another co-worker explained the bizarre situation.

Apparently, Rhonda's daughter had been "feeling down because quite a few of her friends had been pregnant" – so her mum decided to throw her a "party to shower her with love".

The shocked woman asked Rhonda if she could take back her gift, "since I am not made of money, and I would prefer to get her daughter a gift when she was actually having a baby". 

But Rhonda told her that would be "rude, and that her daughter was going through a lot and was looking forward to opening presents". 

"I said I'm sorry, but I can't do this. I took my gift and left. 

"The daughter sent me hateful messages over Facebook including calling me a 'disrespectful old b*tch' and a bad friend to Rhonda. 

"I think they purposefully messaged me threats from the daughter's account so that I couldn't say Rhonda was harassing me."

Now the woman says she is facing harassment from Rhonda, who's telling customers at work she's "cheap". 

"Am I the asshole for taking back a gift because I was lied to?" she finished by asking. 

The post racked up over 1000 comments with other Reddit users firmly reassuring the woman that Rhonda and her daughter were both "batshit crazy". 

"This is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard," one person wrote, 

"Report this directly to HR. She has created a hostile work environment, is making you feel unwelcome at your own job and the biggest no-no is involving innocent customers in the matter," another advised. 

"They literally lied. I'm honestly perplexed at some people's audacity," another wrote.