Half-eaten loaf of bread sells for $4000, becomes fourth most-popular Trade Me listing ever

The half-eaten loaf.
The half-eaten loaf. Photo credit: Trade Me

A half-eaten loaf of Vogel's has sold for $4000, becoming one of Trade Me's most popular listings.

The five slices of bread were viewed almost 600,000 times before the auction closed on Wednesday. The proceeds from the bread will be split between Mike King's I Am Hope charity and Ronald McDonald House.

The tongue-in-cheek listing description poked fun at New Zealand's panic-buying proclivities, saying: "Quality part loaf of Vogel's bread (5 slices and 1 crust), no longer required as I now eat toilet paper".

New Zealanders have repeatedly flocked to supermarkets to panic buy toilet paper after COVID-19 lockdowns have been announced, despite assurances from authorities that supplies will not run out.

Dave, the seller from Kapiti, answered close to 1200 questions on the listing. Some Kiwis thought the bread should be named 'Crustin Bieber' while others said they would bid but they "don't have enough dough".

The bread auction is now the fourth most popular Trade Me auction in the history of the site - coming in behind the handbag Tana Umaga used to hit Chris Mascoe, a possessed printer and a washing machine so scary it made children and adults cry with the racket it caused.