Sydney resident wants neighbour's 'noisy' children banned from being outside before 9am

A furious Sydney resident who complained about being woken up by their neighbour's children has been harshly criticised for wanting to impose an early-morning curfew.

The local, who lives in the affluent harbourside suburb of Mosman, wrote their neighbour a letter asking them to keep their children inside until 9am because they are "very loud and noisy" in the morning.

The letter begins by congratulating the neighbours on completing their recent home renovations, but then says the building noise is now replaced by children playing in the backyard.

"They are disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood and waking people up," the disgruntled neighbour said.

"Sometimes they are out very early around 7:30am and unfortunately they have very loud voices. Your son in particular is always screaming on the top of his voice."

They finish their letter by saying that while "kids will be kids", they want the children to go outside later so neighbours aren't woken too early in the morning.

Sydney resident wants neighbour's 'noisy' children banned from being outside before 9am
Photo credit: Facebook / Mosman Living

The anonymous letter was shared to a community Facebook page where locals were divided on the neighbour's approach.

Some said noise before 9am is "inconsiderate" and agreed with the neighbour.

"I think parents of young children forget what it's like to have a healthy and sufficient sleep cycle so they decide that everyone else should suffer with them," one commented on the post.

"I have two children and I never let them play in the garden until around noon," another said.

But others urged the neighbour to have some compassion given that Sydney was in the midst of a COVID-19 lockdown.

"I know how hard it is. I have two girls and my experience is different, but in these times we all need to show a little patience," one person wrote.

"Let them get some air from outside before home learning starts. It's good for them. It's a lockdown. Suck it up neighbours," another commented.