Video of Jacinda Ardern spotted on weekend walk with security guards goes viral

This article was first published in September 2021.

Jacinda Ardern's weekend outing is causing hilarity amongst Kiwis online after her security retinue drew the attention of onlookers.

Two women were sitting in their vehicle near the Wellington waterfront when their curiosity was sparked by burly men walking in front of a couple.

"So who are these security uncles out here looking after these two people?" one of them asked.

Then the pair strolling together came closer into view - and their identity was revealed.

"Is that Jacinda?" one exclaimed. "It's Jacinda!"

It was the Prime Minister in a long yellow coat, and her partner Clarke Gayford.

"Aunty Cindy," the woman shouted as the pair cracked up laughing.

Video of the sighting was posted to TikTok by ally_kat93 where it's now gained over 886,000 views and 147,000 likes.

"OMG I love this. You did better than me, I would have jumped out of the car with excitement and the security uncles would have got me," one person commented.

"You know you're not in Australia when you're happy to see your PM," another said.