'Avoca-don't in future': Price of takeaway avocado on toast in London shocks internet

Any Kiwis who have experienced the traditional OE stint in London will tell you it's one of the most expensive places in the world to live, especially when it comes to eating out. 

But one London-based Reddit user has proven that cost doesn't always equal quality, drawing the mirth of the internet after revealing he paid £8.50 for takeaway "smashed avocado on toast" in the UK capital. 

That's around NZ$16, so you'd be hoping for something of cafe quality.

Instead, Alex's lunch consisted of one small burnt bit of bread covered with some mushed, greying avocado, which ended up smeared across the sides of the takeaway container. 

The post racked up over 5000 likes and 700 comments but, as one Reddit user wrote, he'd been sold exactly what it said on the tin.

"Well, that is smashed avocado on toast," they pointed out.

Others were shocked that anyone would pay so much for avocado on toast in the first place. 

"Just what the f**k went through your hungry head that thought £8.50 for a delivered cold avocado on toast was a good idea?" one person wrote. 

"Avocado? For £8.50? Avoca-don't in future," another advised. 

"In central London, who can resist such a bargain?" joked another. 

It's definitely the kind of meal that would draw the ire of baby boomers Down Under - back in 2016, an Australian columnist infamously upset millennials by writing they should spend less on avocado on toast for brunch and instead save the money for a home deposit.