Worker reveals the tiny, dry vendor meal provided during '15 hour wedding'

tiny vendor meal served to workers at wedding
You have to wonder what the guests were served... Photo credit: Getty Images/Facebook.

A US wedding worker has shown just how little one newly married couple apparently valued the staff at their wedding by showing the small, dry vendor meal they were served. 

For those not in the know, a vendor meal is a meal paid for by the married couple to feed the vendors working the wedding: Photographers, caterers, servers etc. 

While it might seem like a large extra cost, workers like wedding photographers and caterers are on their feet often for more than 10 hours, carrying heavy equipment, running around in the heat, cold or rain. Imagine the kind of appetite that works up! 

Shared to a popular wedding shaming Facebook group, this particular worker claimed the vendor meal was served after a "15 hour wedding". 

The tiny meal was nowhere near enough fuel to get you through a 15 hour shift.
The tiny meal was nowhere near enough fuel to get you through a 15 hour shift. Photo credit: Facebook/That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

The shot revealed a tiny forkful of dry noodles and five slightly brown prawns, inside a box. One prawn and some noodles appeared to have been eaten before the photograph was taken, but it still appears to be a very small amount of food to provide.

The post racked up shocked reactions from horrified group members, with one person joking it was "the Fyre Festival of weddings". 

The post has since been deleted, but it's certainly not the first time a wedding meal has gone viral. Earlier this year, some US wedding guests were horrified and hungry anger being served a packet of chips and half a croissant as a meal.