Bride, groom horrified after friend gets so drunk at wedding he passes out, soils their bed with 'no apology'

A friend's wedding is a great chance to let your hair down, have a few drinks, a boogie - all those fun things. 

But one US man took it way too far at his friend's wedding in Vegas, with his behaviour so out of line, the bride took to a popular 'wedding shaming'  Reddit to ask for advice.

She explained it was only on the shuttle bus after their Vegas reception she and her now-husband realised one of their friends was "way too hammered". 

"He actually fell off of the bus and had to have a group of our guests, including the groom, carry him to the hotel lobby," she said. 

Usually that would be a 'sleep it off' situation, but it wasn't long before it became apparent the friend was much drunker than they realised.

"He shit his pants while passed out on the hotel lobby couch, so we had our [paramedic] friend checking to make sure he was breathing," she revealed. 

"The entire group was hanging out in the lobby, and a couple of the guests went to shower him off in their room."

She says the rest of the wedding party went up to the bride and groom's room to have some drinks and "get the night restarted", when suddenly the drunk guy and his girlfriend reappeared.

"The girlfriend said an Uber wouldn't take him, so 'they had no choice'," the bride recounted. 

At that point the friend passed out in the bride and groom's bed and once again, defecated - this time all over the sheets.

Despite being "disgusted" the bride said she "didn't want to ruin everyone's mood", so headed out to town with everyone. 

"After the whole shitty ordeal, everyone was pretty tired, so we headed back to our rooms and called it a night," she wrote. 

"Our room smelled god awful.

"We had to request new sheets, air out the room, and I still felt gross having to lay in our bed. The guest's room where he showered was covered in shit too, so there was no other option."

But she says there was no remorse or apology in the following days from their drunk friend, who in fact thought "it was pretty funny". 

"My now husband is still pissed days later. We're hoping the honeymoon gives us better memories."

The post racked up over 200 comments from horrified Reddit users unable to believe the friend ruined the day so drastically. 

"At a wedding I always remind myself: I want to be just on the early edge of being drunk. Never beyond that. Tipsy or drunk enough that it'll be loads of fun to dance like an idiot, but no drunker," one person wrote. "I have never been so drunk I shat myself TWICE (and I've been pretty f**ked up before). If this was me I would be so ashamed that I would never touch alcohol again."

Another thought the friend probably had an alcohol issue. "This wasn't the guy's 'rock bottom' and I hope he can get help before he finds out how much lower he's willing to go," they wrote. 

"I used to do all kind of stupid shit when I would black out, I at least had the decency to feel shame. I never shit in someone's bed and felt the need to come off as arrogant as that," another wrote.