Fitness influencer praised for realistic Instagram post about pandemic, lockdown weight gain

Fitness influencer Luke Hines
"When you fall out of shape, you can end up falling out of love with your bod." Photo credit: Instagram/ Luke Hines.

If you follow wellness influencers and personal trainers on social media, it may feel like they've all spent the long weeks or months in various lockdowns relentlessly undertaking home workouts and keeping in shape. 

But one personal trainer who makes a living off his body has opened up about the toll the pandemic has taken on his health in an Instagram post being hailed as "brave".

Luke Hines has published several healthy eating cookbooks and is well known for his 10-week weight loss programme, which is credited with several impressive body 'transformations'. 

In a brutally raw post over the weekend, Hines revealed his love of fitness verged on being unhealthy and became a "15-year obsession". 

"I was obsessed with what I ate, how often I exercised and what I looked like," he revealed in the caption. 

"I set an unrealistic expectation on myself of what someone who is both in the public eye and works in health and fitness should look like."

Hines said he was "exhausted and depleted" and took the opportunity for a break in the early months of last year to eat whatever he wanted. 

"But [that] quickly spiralled into close to two years of letting myself go," he revealed, along with video and photos of himself at a heavier weight. 

Hines told that the long months of the pandemic had seen his body change.

"I've experienced an increase in body fat, decrease in lean muscle mass and as a result, lacked self-confidence and motivation," he said. 

"For me, like many, when you fall out of shape, you can end up falling out of love with your body, and it can make getting back on track harder than it has to be."

In his post, Hines said it was time for him "to come back"; but with a difference. 

"It is time to find a realistic and sustainable balance between the two. Not as strict as I used to be but in fantastic shape inside and out and comfortable in my own skin," he said.

"So what does that look like? Eating to nourish, not based off boredom or emotions, moving to feel good, not stress my body out, and thinking positively with self-care and self-love the entire way." 

Hines' post has racked up over 4000 likes, with many other fitness professionals and influencers showering him in support. 

"You're amazing in every version of you," wrote Sydney nutrients Sally O'Neil, knows as 'thefitfoodieblog'. 

"You are beautiful," added food writer Silvia Colloca. 

"Good luck Luke - your honesty is inspirational," added another fan.