Woman who lost 40kg in a year reveals how she started health journey, says people 'treat her differently' now

An Australian woman who worked to lose over 40kg in a single year without surgery has revealed the changes she made to reach her goals - as well as the changes she's noticed at a smaller size. 

TikTok user Leneah Morrison shared in a recent video that over a year ago, she realised she was sick of being obese. 

"So I quit," she wrote in a tongue in cheek caption, before showing off her new rigorous workout routine and slimmer figure. 

She published a series of videos of herself before and after the weight loss, explaining in the comments that it was all about mindset. 

"It's hard to love yourself, so I made myself a priority," she wrote in the comments. "But I still go through phases where I see myself the way I used to be." 

While some commenters assumed she had weight loss surgery, Morrison revealed she ate in a calorie deficit and copied workout videos from YouTube to get started.

Before long, she signed up to work out with a personal trainer.

When one commenter asked Morrison if people treated her differently as she lost the weight she answered: "100 percent", adding "it was a crazy feeling" being noticed by others. 

"Just being stared at more," she said. 

Many TikTok users commented she was their inspiration for their own health journeys. 

"This is the type of video that makes me not want to give up in my 'getting fit' journey," one person wrote.

"Wow, proves if you put effort into something, you can do anything!" another added. 

"You were amazing before, amazing now," someone else wrote, to which another agreed: "You went from a 10 to a 10." 

The social media app is often used for weight loss advice and inspiration. Earlier this year, one TikTok user shared the four-ingredient tea he says helped him lose 20kg, as well as "sleep like a baby".