Australian couple finally reuniting with rescue dog Munchkin after six-year battle

An Australian couple desperate to be reunited with their beloved rescue dog Munchkin are just days away from their dream after a six-year battle. 

Munchkin was found as a puppy living on the streets in Bali. She quickly stole the hearts of her chosen parents and ever since it’s been a battle to get her home to Australia. 

"She just made her way into our hearts, she’s such a beautiful little creature, and at the point when we decided, ok we’re going to bring her home she became family and you don’t leave family behind," owner Tash Corbin said.

Where she’s been allowed, they’ve gone. 

"We have been very fortunate that we've been able to follow this dog all around the world and live wherever she's allowed to live as we try and get her back to the Sunshine Coast," she said. 

But for the last two years, New Zealand has been their safe haven, until they were split up once again. 

"I came over to Australia in July for surgery and I was supposed to go back to New Zealand at the end of August but my recovery hasn't gone to plan. I've had to have two more procedures and so it just ended up that I was still here and then we finally got her approval to fly to Australia."

But border restrictions meant Munchkin wasn’t getting on a commercial flight. 

The couple planned to raise enough money to hire a private jet until Munchkin’s story became a media hit!

"Because of the publicity that we got we had people reach out to us that had already gone and booked their own flights so it’ll probably end up costing us between $7000 to $8000 to bring the two of them home. 

Years of travel and tens of thousands of dollars later, the Bali street dog is heading for the Sunshine Coast.

"She’s got this really powerful personality and she’s part of our lives and we have been supported by hundreds of people to bring her home so I feel like it’s this big community, this big joint effort and we can’t let anyone down now," Tash said. 

Finally a place to call home.