LEGO named New Zealand's most searched for toy in 2021

If you still haven't got the Christmas presents sorted, well, LEGO has been crowned the most searched for toy in New Zealand.

With just 14 days until Christmas the mad shopping rush is on.

One of the most wished-for gifts is LEGO. Website TheToyZone named it the top toy searched for in New Zealand this year as well as in Tajikistan, Vietnam, Slovakia, Estonia and Latvia.

So why is it so popular?

"Oh there's so much variety in LEGO collection I think and you get a real diversity of toys for all kids," a Kiwi shopper told Newshub.

"I had that for my children, the big ones - not the tiny little pieces."

As for what else is being searched for, Xbox Series S beat the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch to be the most-searched console in Aotearoa this year.

The most popular TV toy was Pokémon and even the classic Rubik's Cube is still a favourite.

Remember Tamagotchis? It's making a comeback as the most popular toy from the '90s era.

As for tabletop fun, Yahtzee was named the most popular board game.

Now it's up to Santa to decide who is on the naughty or nice list this silly season.