Caley Callahan

Caley Callahan

Caley is a television news and sports reporter for Newshub based in Wellington.

He joined Newshub in 2016 as a Digital Producer based in Christchurch. In late 2017, he moved to Newshub Radio as a reporter, where he covered stories such as Cyclone Gita on the West Coast and the triple-fatal Wanaka helicopter crash.

During that time he produced a number of exclusive reports including the rise of assaults on St John paramedics, the cost of housing foreign prisoners in New Zealand before being deported, and secret negotiations around the closure of the Cadbury World attraction in Dunedin.

In 2019, Caley moved to Wellington to take on the role of sports reporter.

Later that year, he joined the general news reporting team where he's since covered the Napier floods, COVID-19, and also sheared his first ever sheep in front of camera.

Caley can be contacted at

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