Tip Top's Dessertalicious ice cream classic makes a comeback

Prayers have been answered - the iconic '90s ice cream is back.
Prayers have been answered - the iconic '90s ice cream is back. Photo credit: Tip Top / Tip Top - Bring Back Dessertalicious Ice Cream / Facebook

A lot of things that were big in the '90s have made solid comebacks in recent years - loose-fitting jeans, cycle shorts à la Princess Diana, Sex and the City (although maybe that one should have stayed in the past). 

Now, an iconic '90s era ice cream is making its return to supermarket shelves across the country.

New Zealand ice cream brand Tip Top has relaunched Dessertalicious, an amalgamation of honeycomb, chocolate mousse and sponge that after all these years, continues to hold a special spot in the hearts of many '90s kids. 

Fans of the flavour even launched a crusade on Facebook almost a decade ago after Dessertalicious' discontinuation, advocating for its return. The dedicated page, which has amassed more than 4500 likes, urged fans to "get liking and sharing to let Tip Top know we want this back!"

And it seems their prayers have been answered, with Dessertalicious now newly reinstated in TikTok's ice cream inventory. 

However, the classic Kiwi flavour has undergone some changes in its restoration. As part of Tip Top's Crave range, the 2022 reincarnation offers "all natural" ingredients - "remixed for today's tastes".

"We've said 'see ya later' to the fake flavours and have gone all natural with creamy honeycomb ice cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate sponge pieces. Welcome back to the new-school Crave Dessertalicious!" the description reads on Tip Top's website.

The news was quickly shared to its legion of Facebook fans, with the owner of the page declaring: "It's official."

"It's not layered like the original but I'm really keen to give it a try!" they continued.

Dessertalicious devotees have responded to the news with rapture, albeit with some reservations about how the new product might differ from the classic.

"Six years of being on this page has paid off, not the [original] but it will do," one said.

"This was my favourite! Have to try this new version!" said another, while one dedicated fan wrote: "I'm coming back to NZ."

The ice cream has yet to officially hit the supermarket freezer - but if you've waited this long already, a little while longer won't hurt.