Valentine's Day: The most dangerous sex positions to avoid and what could go wrong

Couple in bed
It's Valentine's Day - the universal day of love, intimacy, appreciation... and possibly injuries if people get a little too carried away. Photo credit: Getty Images

It's Valentine's Day - the universal day of love, intimacy, appreciation... and possibly injuries if people get a little too carried away. 

There may be heartbreak, sure - but there could also be back break, neck break, and the breaking of other, ahem, bones.

If you're looking to spice things up with your significant other, getting experimental in the bedroom is a sure-fire way to inject some fun and excitement into your sex lives - and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get creative. But whoa there, cowgirl - getting frisky can be risky. Before attempting any acrobatics, consider the potential hazards.

Speaking to The Sun, Ness Cooper and Ruby Payne - sexperts at The Sex Consultant and UberKinky - warn not every body is capable of performing back-bending moves in the boudoir. In particular, positions that involve standing or the hyper-extension of the back should be approached with caution.

"Some bodies are extra stiff or bendy, and avoiding positions that lead to extreme back hyperextension should be avoided due to the possible chance of injuries," Cooper told the outlet.

"Also if you or your partner are naturally flexible, it may not be a good idea to always take advantage of this flexibility during sex, as hypermobility can lead to flare-ups when purposely put into position others would struggle with."

So to avoid throwing your back out in the throes of passion, here are the positions you should steer clear of to make sure NSFW doesn't end in A&E. 

Standing positions

If you and your partner want to explore standing sex, using something as a support can be helpful, but make sure the item is stable. Furniture and fixtures that seem safe - like a bathroom sink - can still come loose, leading to an accident. 

The standing split is pretty self-explanatory - both people stand facing each other with one balancing on one leg, resting the other on their partner's shoulder. 

However, "incredible levels of flexibility and strength" are required to hold the position for any length of time, Payne told The Sun. Plus, partners very rarely have their pelvises at the same height, throwing off the receiver's centre of gravity. 

"They're more likely to topple over and get injured," she said.

Handstand positions 

For couples who treat sex as a competitive sport, handstand positions are possible - but unsurprisingly, they present a number of risks.

Like your typical handstand, these positions can be hard to maintain and perform for extended periods of time as they require the body to be stabilised. Losing your balance can lead to injury, while being upside down can cause dizziness or even fainting due to an increase in blood pressure.

The Mermaid 

In a nutshell, this position involves the receiver on top with their legs lifted up in a V. 

Unless you have incredible core strength and pelvic floor control, perhaps skip this one. The position makes it easy for the receiver to fall, which could result in a nasty injury. Instead, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl are safer bets - more vanilla maybe, but far more stable.

The Wheelbarrow

You might remember wheelbarrow races back in the day? Well, to spare you the details, that's essentially what this position entails - but without the racing. 

Unless both partners have exceptional upper body strength, maybe give this one a miss. 

"The receiver's arms will be quivering in no time, and certainly not in a good way," Payne told The Sun.

"When you've reached the point of resorting to positions like 'the wheelbarrow', you're probably doing it for the bragging rights - bring back intimacy."

The Helicopter 

One of the riskier positions, the Helicopter requires the giver to swivel around while on top of their partner - kind of like a helicopter. Funny that. 

However, this position is definitely not one for the everyday repertoire.

"This position may result in loss of balance or worse, can result in a penis fracture," Cooper warns.

The Waterfall 

Waterfalls in nature are often blissful. But in the bedroom, waterfalls are anything but.

"This position leads to hyperextending the back and having your head upside-down," Cooper told the outlet.

"It can play havoc on blood pressure and upset the spine and lead to injuries. It can be made safer by using pillows, a bed or a sofa as support."

Whatever you do this Valentine's Day, remember - safe sex, no regrets.