TikToker divides internet after admitting she wants her husband to get a vasectomy so he won't have kids with another woman

TikToker divides internet after admitting she wants her husband to get a vasectomy so he won't have kids with another woman
Photo credit: @swfl_mommanicoleof2 / TikTok

In matters of the heart, people can sometimes act a little crazy. I don't condone acts of craziness, but sometimes, people can push you over the edge. 

Sneaking through a significant other's phone, keeping tabs on their whereabouts, or religiously stalking their social media profiles - not good. And a woman who claimed she wanted her husband to undergo a vasectomy - just in case they divorced - is a prime example of when 'crazy in love' just becomes 'crazy'. 

In a now viral video, TikToker @swfl_mommanicoleof2 - a self-proclaimed "queen of house cleaning" - seemingly admitted to encouraging her husband to undergo a vasectomy to prevent him from having children with another person. 

In the video, the TikToker said she wanted her spouse to undergo the surgical procedure, just in case they ever split up. 

"When people think I'm wrong for not wanting my husband to have other children when we divorce! So that means [snip] after baby #3," she captioned the clip, while lip-syncing to the song lyrics, "I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not".

The admission freaked out her followers, many of whom took issue with several components of the woman's bizarre statement - including the fact that she appeared to be anticipating a divorce in the not-too-distant future. 

"'When' we divorce? Are you planning this?" one pointed out, while another added: "Wait... 'when you divorce?' I'm confused."

Others branded the woman "sadistic" for wanting her spouse to sterilise himself, precluding him from possibly having children with a different person in the future.

"Yikes... so glad not everyone is this crazy," one woman commented.

"Why do people think they can control other human beings... I bet he only agrees to this so she won't leave him. It's all to make her happy," a second pitched in.

"My ex and I said the same thing. I'm so thankful he changed his mind. My kids love their siblings," another shared.

One viewer wondered if sterilisation was a two-way street for the couple - and if the woman would also undergo the procedure if her husband had the same thoughts. 

"Does this mean you are getting a procedure as well? Surely it wouldn't be fair to only make the husband do it, and him 'trust' that you'll hold up your end of the deal," they wrote.

Some supported the woman's stance, admitting that they and their significant others would also look into the idea after having children. Others reassured the woman that her feelings were valid.

"Don't get me wrong I love this idea and hubby and I would probably do it too, but are you both getting 'fixed?' If not, that doesn't seem [too] fair," the person continued.

"I think what you want is understandable and that is a very good man that truly loves you and his children if he is willing to do that," said another.

Others noted that a vasectomy is a reversible surgical procedure, meaning her husband could always change his mind at a later date.

The TikToker later clarified that she would also be willing to undergo sterilisation, and claimed her and her husband have an agreement in place that they will not have children outside of their marriage.

The user, who has more than 7200 followers, has since made her TikTok account private.