UK-born influencer Oli London spends thousands on plastic surgery to look Korean

  • 26/04/2022
Oli London is currently in Turkey after having more surgeries done.
Oli London is currently in Turkey after having more surgeries done. Photo credit: Instagram/Oli London

A British-born internet personality has spent almost half a million dollars on plastic surgery to look Korean.

Since 2014, Oli London, who identifies as non-binary, has spent over UK£230,000 on cosmetic surgeries, which converts to just under NZ$450,000. London has undergone 20 surgeries including a nose job, facelifts, fillers, chin shaving and skin whitening - all to appear Korean.

London told the Mirror they were "hooked" on how Koreans looked when they lived in the Asian nation in 2013, but it was TikTok that made London strive to look more feminine.

"I have quite an obsessive and impulsive personality. I discovered beautiful Korean women on TikTok and decided I want to look like them," London told the outlet.

London said they also felt pressure from a business perspective to undergo more surgeries to get more brand deals, as he boasts over 870,000 followers on TikTok.

In a Youtube video where London came out as non-binary they also said they identify as Korean.  

"I do identify as Korean, and I do look Korean now and I do feel Korean," London said. "That’s just my culture, that’s my home country."

London is learning Korean and is focusing on elocution, so they can change their British accent.

Despite London now being happy with their appearance, London's family and friends do not feel the same. London said they have disowned them, saying they think London is messed up in the head.

However, London's family and friends aren't the only ones that disapprove. Last year, London was under fire from critics accusing them of cultural appropriation after London claimed they are "transracial".

London received a lot of backlash for their decision, with critics saying a white person using stereotypes to appear Korean is harmful because it spreads a distorted reality of what Korea is.

But London claims they support Korean culture.

"I believe we should all be able to appreciate, embrace and love all cultures. Culture Fluidity is my favourite thing," London said on Instagram.