TikTok applauds woman who debunks the myth some men are 'too big' to wear condoms

Screenshots from the video showing the condom rolled up the leg
Of all the excuses under the sun to avoid wearing a condom, claiming you're 'too big' for the prophylactic is probably the worst. Photo credit: @theel_inloser / TikTok

Of all the excuses under the sun to avoid wearing a condom, claiming you're 'too big' for the prophylactic is probably the worst. 

If trying to get out of wearing a condom - a life-changing invention that allows people to enjoy sex while dramatically reducing the risk of disease and pregnancy - wasn't bad enough, they are also either A) liars or B) delusional.

But in case you need any more convincing that these dudes are certified douchebags, we now officially have evidence that even if you are particularly well-endowed, guess what? You can still wear a condom.

A woman on TikTok, the manager of an adult store, has taken it upon herself to dispel the myth once and for all. Enlisting the help of a friend to illustrate, the woman can be seen gently stretching and shimmying a condom over her foot like a sock before rolling it up her leg, over her knee and yes, also up her thigh - similar to a thigh-high latex boot à la the Kardashian clan.

So unless your appendage is literally a third leg, you have no excuse.

If you're now looking for a loophole, stop. After the video went viral, the woman clarified that she and her friend had grabbed the first unlubricated condom they saw and did not select a specific brand that might be known for its 'stretchiness'. The woman also revealed the condom in question was a Trojan. 

According to international data, the average size of an erect penis ranges between 10 to 17 centimetres. And according to the adult store manager, the size of an average condom starts at 17 centimetres. 

The clip, which has since been viewed more than 16 million times and amassed almost 3 million likes, has prompted women to hilariously chronicle their own coitus and condom anecdotes in the comments.

"When my ex complained about it not feeling as good, I got an IUD, told him, got him excited, and broke up with him before anything could happen," one shared.

"Next time a man says it doesn't fit, I'm gonna go, 'Hmm, that's weird, this exact brand fits my ex and he's bigger," another joked.

"Only valid excuse I've heard is 'I'm allergic to latex' which is completely fair," a third acknowledged.

Several pointed out that condoms are not one-size-fits-all and the sheaths can be uncomfortable for girthier members.

"The wrong size can go from loose to painful - but nowadays with companies [that do] custom condoms and a plethora of standard choices," one noted.

A fifth agreed: "I think what they mean sometimes is that yes, it does fit, but it's not comfortable. They need to get the right size - no more excuses not to wear it."

"I have a health teacher who put it on her entire arm, I love her," another added.

Not all heroes wear capes - just a condom on their arm.