Internet horrified by white, lacey dress mother-in-law wore to wedding - nearly identical to the bride's gown

Photos of the bride, groom and mother-in-law at the 1987 wedding
Multiple Redditors admitted that if it were not for the bouquet, they wouldn't be able to tell who was the bride and who was the mother-in-law due to the extreme similarities in their gowns. Photo credit: Wedding Shaming / Bridezillas / Reddit / @jerseygirl1105

If there's one cardinal sin that cannot be overlooked at a wedding, it's a guest wearing white. It is quite possibly the ultimate faux pas - a decision that will have you blacklisted from future events until the end of time.

Arguably even worse than a guest wearing white to a wedding, is a family member of the bride or groom wearing white to a wedding - which is what one monster-in-law decided to do during her son's nuptials. Even worse, the mother-in-law's white dress in question was almost identical to that of her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's.

Sharing photos to the popular Reddit forums Wedding Shaming and Bridezillas - safe spaces for people to anonymously, you guessed it, shame weddings and bridezillas - a woman revealed that her former mother-in-law had donned a dress that was nearly identical to her bridal gown during her 1987 nuptials to her now ex-husband. 

The woman, who goes by the username Jerseygirl1105, seemingly couldn't resist sharing her former mother-in-law's indiscretion - despite it being 35 years after the wedding.

"MIL [mother-in-law] really wanted to be [the] bride. I'm now divorced from her son, who she posed with in the 2nd picture," she captioned the photos, which she shared to the Wedding Shaming forum on Monday morning.

The photos were also shared to the Bridezillas forum, with the woman simply writing: "MIL who wanted to be the bride."

Elaborating on her story in the comments, the woman admitted that she was "young and naive" - and she wouldn't take so kindly to the seemingly intentional move nowadays.

"I was young and naive. I guarantee that if that were to happen today, there'd be a huge red wine stain covering that dress," she joked.

"Did you know she was going to wear that or did she just show up in it? Also, what kind of psycho wants to be the bride at her son's wedding?" one viewer asked, to which the woman replied: "I had no idea!"

Adding further context to her former relationship, the woman revealed that she and her ex-husband had been married for 15 years and share three children together. 

She also claimed her mother-in-law was always "a bit crazy", adding: "[We] pretty much shook our heads in disbelief when we saw what she was wearing. People don't realise that this type of behaviour looks bad for THEM, so they've just made themselves look ridiculous. 

"I'm glad my parents taught me to 'rise above it' because I enjoyed the day without stooping to her level of petty. MIL eventually warmed up to me when she realised I had no interest in competing with her or taking her son away (although he couldn't stand his own mother)."

She later quipped: "That dress was a neon sign that said 'I HAVE SERIOUS ISSUES'."

Photos of the bride, groom and mother-in-law at the 1987 wedding
The internet was shocked by the photos, which were taken during the poster's wedding to her ex-husband in 1987. Photo credit: Wedding Shaming / Reddit / @Jerseygirl1105

The woman also confirmed that her ex-husband "could barely stand to be in the same room" as his mother, who always insisted he call her by her first name and not 'mum' "because she didn't want people to think she was old enough to have a child his age".

The photos show the woman, her former mother-in-law and ex-husband - with their faces blurred - posing for pictures at the wedding. One is of the mother-in-law and her son - with the mother holding him by the lapel of his tuxedo - and the other is of the three together. Both women are wearing near-identical dresses - white with long lace sleeves, lacey puffed shoulders and V-shaped necklines. 

Multiple Redditors admitted that if it were not for the bouquet, they wouldn't be able to tell who was the bride and who was the mother-in-law due to the extreme similarities in their gowns.

"Sweet lord, what is wrong with these mothers-in-laws? I've got one too. Thankfully I was able to shame her into not wearing a wedding dress on the day, but many years on, I still feel like a third wheel in my own marriage. Glad you got out," one shared.

"I divorced my 'practice husband' just as much for his trashy, tacky, toxic [narcissistic] family as his abuse. God, I hope they never escape each other. My mother-in-law was straight up IN LOVE, not as a mother should be, with her son and pretty much told me as much when she said that she would always be his most important woman," another confessed.

Others pointed out the strange way the mother was displaying her left hand in the photo with her son, making sure her large ring - on her ring finger - was clearly visible.

In another comment, the woman clarified that despite her former mother-in-law's odd behaviour, she was not the reason for their divorce 15 years later. 

"I didn't need to say a word. The white lace gown spoke for itself," she said. 

"My daughter mentioned the same thing about her rings, which I hadn't noticed until today. We're divorced, so I don't look at this photo album too often."