Self-proclaimed 'personal coach' under fire for 'vile' remarks about preferring 'well-marinated' celibate women

Composite: Photo of Damien Michaels and a stock image of a shocked woman
A self-proclaimed "personal coach" has been raked over the coals online for declaring he is only interested in women who have been celibate for at least six months. Photo credit: @DamienMichaelsXtreme / Facebook; Getty Images

Warning: This article contains sexual content and lewd language.

A self-proclaimed "personal coach" has been raked over the coals online for declaring he is only interested in women who have been celibate for at least six months - the phrase 'the blind leading the blind' comes to mind.

Damien Michaels, a US-based "personal coach" who offers "critical insights into self-improvement, relationships, semen retention, spirituality, health and fitness", has courted controversy on social media after sharing a questionable insight into his personal preferences for a partner.

Michaels, who currently holds a three-star rating for his services on Facebook, announced via his business page last month that he prefers women who haven't "been out there absorbing random DNA", claiming celibacy for at least six months is congruent with a "clear head", "calmer energy" - and a "well-marinated yoni".

"I like women who have been celibate for at least six-plus months. Her head is clear. She isn't responding to her [ex's] text messages. Hasn't been out there absorbing random DNA. Her energy is calmer," Michaels shared with his almost 3000 Facebook fans on June 10.

"If she chooses you it's because she likes you and deems you worthy of her well marinated yoni [that's] been curing on the yoni shelf building chi, tightness and flavor for months [sic]. Plus a clear yoni is easier to imprint on. It's like fresh tilled soil ready to be seeded. It's worth the effort."

The post by Damien Michaels
The post has been widely condemned online for its "vile" and misogynistic viewpoint. Photo credit: Facebook

For the uninitiated, 'yoni' is a Sanskrit word that has been interpreted as a term for the female reproductive and sexual organs, and roughly translates to "a sacred space" or "source".

At the time of writing, Michaels' musings have amassed almost 300 comments and somewhat aptly, 69 shares.

His remarks have since been widely circulated on Twitter, with a number of people calling out the "personal coach" for his "vile" opinions on women and sexuality, arguing his viewpoint is rooted in sexism and misogyny. Others have found the concept of a "well-marinated yoni" hilarious.

Sharing a screenshot of Michaels' post to her profile on Sunday, New Zealand-based Twitter user @LexRegina72 wrote: "I do not know where to start."

"It's been so long my yoni is marinated into a pickle - my energy is anything but calm. Dude is hilarious," one user quipped.

"Oh my ever lovin' god... that is beyond vile!!! *puke*," another commented.

"Makes me wonder... how long does my yoni have to marinate before I get to fermentation level and can make cootchie kimchi?" a third joked.

"Perhaps they could preserve the sacred energy of their penis and keep it untouched in the fresh air of humility and respect for a few generations and we would all be better off," a fourth deadpanned.

And Facebook users haven't taken too kindly to Michaels' misogynistic musings either, with one woman responding: "I just came to say that it's dudes like you that are the reason why I have been celibate for over a year. We're not saving our time, energy and body just to waste it on this nonsense. Gross and weird."

"I've been happily celibate by choice for a year. You are not on my level - not anywhere near it… Go work on yourself instead of worrying about what women do with their bodies," another added, while a third said: "Well, this is thoroughly disgusting."

Others pointed out the blatant inaccuracies of his claims, noting that the vaginal muscles do not "tighten" due to celibacy or periods of being sexually inactive.

In a response to a comment criticising his statement, Michaels also implied he did not care for consent and that women should not be sexually active if they're "not ready to get pregnant". Other posts shared to his Facebook contain strongly worded and chauvinistic commentary about women, including an upload earlier this month that claimed men prefer women in their twenties because they're "not used up" and "groomable".

Michaels' currently has 21 reviews on his Facebook business page, several of which condemn his practice as "scary".

"This man is an absolute moron, and shouldn't be 'coaching' anyone about anything," one wrote in their review, with a second reading: "Imagine the most idiotic man from the 1940s who thinks he knows everything about women's bodies without ever learning sexual education, and you'll have yourself a Damien."

"Sexist pig, avoid!" another urged.

However, other reviews praised Michaels and his coaching services, with one claiming he "encourages personal growth".

"Extremely knowledgeable, full of wisdom and perfect for someone on a healing/self-discovery journey like myself," another wrote.

In May, controversial clinical psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson sparked outrage after declaring a 'plus-size' Sports Illustrated model was "not beautiful" in a widely condemned tweet.

Dr Peterson, a Canadian lecturer, best-selling author and divisive figure who has repeatedly made headlines for his thoughts on women and race, crafted a tweet in which he shamed Sports Illustrated cover girl Yumi Nu -  the magazine's first-ever Asian-American plus-size swimsuit model - for not meeting his definition of 'beauty'.

"Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that," he wrote, accompanied by a tweet from the New York Post featuring the magazine's cover.

After receiving an almost immediate wave of criticism in response to his remark, the "free speech" enthusiast followed his tweet with the message: "Rage away, panderers. And tell me you believe that such images are not conscious and cynical manipulation by the oh-so virtuous politically correct."