Coca-Cola addresses rumours that lemon soft drink Lift is being discontinued in New Zealand

Composite - lemon images and file image of Lift bottle
All has been revealed. Photo credit: Coca-Cola / File

Well, here's some good news for your Tuesday; a carbonated classic is apparently not being fizzled out in New Zealand, despite the word on the street being that the drink might be getting axed from Coca-Cola's lineup.

In June, the news that Le Snak, the humble cheese-and-cracker combo, was being discontinued devastated Kiwis across the country; people who hadn't snacked on Le Snak for close to two decades were suddenly mourning the loss of a childhood icon, a school lunchbox staple that put a smile on many a generation of faces.

Then in July, the rumour mill went into overdrive when an Aussie TikToker claimed that Coca-Cola Australia could be discontinuing Lift, a lemon-flavoured soft drink that has found a firm foothold in many a Kiwi's fridge for those hungover Sundays.

In the video, TikToker @russ.eats said a rumour had been circulating that the fizzy favourite would soon be replaced by Sprite Lemon in Coca-Cola Australia's portfolio. However, the beverage giant seemingly poured cold water on the whispers, responding: "We don't have anything to share right now, but we're always evolving our product portfolio to provide more of what people want."

Lift lovers were understandably still distraught by the news, with the clip sparking concerns that the beverage would also be discontinued in New Zealand. The soft drink, which has been available in Australia, New Zealand and a selection of other nations since the 1970s, is made with real lemon juice to give it that iconic, crisp tang. 

But, good news - Coca-Cola has confirmed that despite the gossip on the grapevine, they won't be letting go of the lemony classic anytime soon.

"Coca-Cola in New Zealand can confirm that Lift is not being discontinued here," the company said in a statement to The Edge.

"It is a well-loved product by Kiwis and rest assured you can still find it on shelves across the country."

Kiwis will likely be chuffed by the news, with reports of Lift potentially getting the boot prompting outrage on social media.

"This better be a joke," one said on Facebook, with another adding: "I'm absolutely not okay with this."

"It is a sad day when the only sense of shrivelled joy you have left after a bender is taken away," a third clearly distressed commenter opined.

In June, Kiwis were stunned to discover the discontinuation of a lunchbox staple after a spokesperson for PepsiCo, the owner of New Zealand-based manufacturer Bluebird, confirmed to Newshub that Le Snak was le done due to a decrease in demand.

"We recently made the decision to discontinue the Le Snak brand in New Zealand. Over time we've seen demand for the product decline as consumer's taste preferences have changed," the spokesperson told Newshub at the time.

"We ceased production in May so there would be very limited stock available at this point in time."

Responding to the news on Reddit, one commented sadly, "I have le shoque and la oûtrãgę", with a second adding: "Le sigh."

"Le sadness," a third agreed. A fourth chipped in: "Oui are les miserables."

Well, at least Lift is here to stay for the foreseeable future.