Australian model slams critics who judged her for wearing 'revealing' white dress to wedding

Lacey-Jade Christie was criticised for the dress she wore to a wedding.
Lacey-Jade Christie was criticised for the dress she wore to a wedding. Photo credit: Instagram / @laceyjadechristie

An Australian model has slammed critics who took aim at her for wearing a white dress to a wedding, saying the backlash got "out of control".

Lacey-Jade Christie, from Melbourne, showed off the dress on social media, even flashing her brightly coloured nails, face jewels, and accessories at the same time.

"I am off to a wedding, here's my fit," she wrote in the TikTok video, which quickly went viral.

But some commenters commented on both Christie wearing a white dress at a wedding, which is often considered a social taboo, and the cut of the dress she had chosen.

"I'd be gutted if someone wore a beach cover-up to my wedding," one person said.

"I thought it was something she had put on while she was getting ready. Not a good look," added another.

"It's rude: You don't wear white to a wedding. It's the bride's day not yours she's the one in white," a third commented.

But Christie said people were "too quick to judge" her low-cut dress, which was called "trashy" and "revealing" by some.

"I think it's really interesting that people can see a photo or a video of a stranger on the internet and make such wild assumptions," she told

"It's 2022 and for people to automatically jump to the conclusion that I was deliberately trying to steal attention from the bride - or in this case, brides - is laughable."

She said she sought permission from the brides over her outfit beforehand and many of her friends wore low-cut and sheer dresses.

"My outfit wasn't the most revealing of the night and the brides were so happy with the authenticity with which everyone showed up to their wedding."

Christie added she believes the two reasons people reacted so strongly to her outfit were because it didn't "fit people's views of what one should traditionally wear to a wedding and I'm fat".

"I'm 'too fat' for the dress, my breasts are 'too saggy', they need to be taped - which they were. I was showing too much leg and no one wants to see that much cellulite at a wedding. The list goes on," she told

"I genuinely believe that if a thin person had worn the exact same outfit the outrage would not have been half as bad."

Christie urges people to think twice before they leave hurtful comments and remember there is a real person on the receiving end.