Bride's horror as bridesmaid chooses white, glittery, 'bridal' gown for wedding

As a cost-saving measure many brides will ask their bridesmaids to purchase their own dresses on the proviso the bridesmaid can choose a dress she likes and wants to wear. 

But one US bride has turned to the internet for help claiming her bridesmaid is planning on wearing their own wedding reception dress to her big day. 

Posting in a wedding shaming Reddit forum, the disgruntled bride asked fellow Reddit users: "Am I a bridezilla?" 

She explained she was having a small wedding due to COVID-19 restrictions with 30 guests and five bridesmaids, including one of her university roommates, Carla, who was married six months prior. 

But the bride soon learned from another bridesmaid that Carla was planning on wearing her reception dress - a "glittery, white, glamourous gown". 

The bride said to make matters worse, she had picked a "very simple wedding dress" for herself. 

"It's expensive and I look great in it but it doesn't have all that glitz!" she wrote. 

"I understand that Carla too had a COVID wedding and not a lot of people got to see her dresses but still!"

The bride said their mutual friend offered to talk Carla out of it, but she wanted to ask the internet if she was being unreasonable. 

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up 100 comments from Reddit users firmly on the bride's side. 

"Be direct with [her] - it's your day you don't need to tiptoe around asking your friend to not wear a bridal dress to your wedding," one person wrote. 

"You're far from being a Bridezilla hon. This is your and your husband's day, and you get to decide how it should go," another wrote, adding if Carla had an issue, she "shouldn't be attending". 

Another came up with an easy way of getting the point across to the bridesmaids.

"Just tell all the bridesmaids in a group text that the dress code is 'xyz', and no white dresses," they wrote. 

"[Something like]: 'Hey ladies! Just going over the dress code... Anything goes as long as you're not naked or in a white dress!'" 

But the bride surprised everyone with an update a few days later, saying she'd "made peace" with the gown. 

"A lot of you wisely suggested that I am the bride and it will be my special day no matter what," she "There will be some photographs where I might not look like THE bride but that's okay. 

"Maybe we'll have a laugh!"