Mother invites 27 children to daughter's third birthday party - but no one shows up

No one showed up for the young girl's birthday party.
No one showed up for the young girl's birthday party. Photo credit: TikTok//Breanna Strong

A mother was sad and disappointed after she organised a birthday party for her three-year-old and no one showed up.

Breanna Strong from Utah uploaded a heartbreaking video to TikTok of a room covered in decorations and her daughter eating pizza alone.

In the video, Strong said she had invited 27 children to her daughter's birthday party.

"Not a single one of her friends showed up," she said in the TikTok clip.

The video received over seven million views and several people commented on how sad her daughter must have been.

"I'm so sorry! She must have been heartbroken. Next time let us know we will show up and out for her," one person commented.

Another commented: "This is a rule at my house, if we are invited we are going. So sad this happens."

A third person commented: "We don't do parties anymore. All the money we would have spent on it goes to what the birthday kid wants."

Throughout the comments, many people asked Strong if people had to RSVP to attend the party.

Strong responded in the comments and said: "There was a planned event on Facebook. Seven families said they were coming and three changed their RSVP this morning and others didn't show."