US couple spark heated TikTok debate after sharing the three rules they follow in their marriage

Jaden and Andy McGrew in Instagram pictures
The pair also frequently share content regarding their decision to marry in their early twenties, with the two tying the knot at ages 20 and 22. Photo credit: @jadenmcgrew / Instagram

A couple has caused quite a stir on social media after sharing the three fundamental rules that underpin their marriage - and it's safe to say, not everyone agrees.

US couple Jaden and Andy McGrew, who go by the username @jadeandandy on TikTok, went viral on the platform after sharing the rules each of them have agreed to abide by in their marriage.

But the McGrews weren't prepared for the ensuing backlash, with their three rules proving highly controversial among viewers. 

In the clip, which has since been viewed more than 7.4 million times, the couple introduced the topic with the caption: "Controversial things about our marriage that we didn't realise are controversial."

"Did not realise these would cause such a fuss on TikTok," they added.

Firstly, the couple consistently share their movements with each other using Life360, a "family tracking app" that allows its users to share their location and track or monitor the location of others. 

Secondly, the McGrews agree to "share all passwords" with one another and keep "no secrets".

Thirdly, "hanging with the opposite gender alone" is strictly off-limits. 

The clip quickly prompted heated debate among viewers, with many arguing their marriage appeared to lack trust. Others called out the couple for promoting toxic relationships and controlling behaviours, but some supported the McGrews' approach, claiming they adhered to similar standards in their own relationships to avoid any issues. 

"Location makes sense for safety. But the rest just means you don't trust yourself or each other," one commenter wrote, with another adding: "Why the last one if y'all trust each other so much?" 

"The third is funny... like no friends for my partner then?" another weighed in, with a fourth agreeing: "It's always the people that have zero trust in their partner that talk about how great their marriage is."

"Sounds like a lack of trust in my opinion. Except the location thing. That's safety," another pitched in.

Speaking about the backlash to Fox News, Jaden said she and her husband were shocked at the reception to the clip. 

"These are things we agreed on in our relationship over time and from experience," she said.

"We never really sat down and came up with 'rules', but that seems to be how people have interpreted it.

"These are just things that work for us in our current stage of life, and we were shocked to see how controversial they were."

The couple are also vocal about their Christianity and the role it plays in their union, with the two claiming their marriage is "rooted" in their shared faith. 

The pair also frequently share content regarding their decision to marry in their early twenties, with the two tying the knot at ages 20 and 22 after meeting in their late teens.  

In June, 22-year-old Leaha Ureel caused controversy after revealing the strict rules she expects her husband to follow as her "provider", including always pulling her chair out, pouring her wine and footing the bills.  

"I love being a housewife and I want others to know that it is OK to aspire to have this lifestyle," she said in one video. 

"I don't think there should be shame over wanting to be a stay-at-home girlfriend or wife."