Australian shopper sparks controversy after slashing grocery bill by $255 - here's why some people aren't happy

  • 12/01/2023

An Australian shopper has sparked controversy after sharing a video of them slashing hundreds of dollars off their grocery bill at Woolworths. 

The shopper shared the video of them cutting a whopping AU$235 (NZ$255.07) off their supermarket shop on social media platform TikTok. 

The video shows the total amount for the 31 items is initially AU$349.05 (NZ$378.86) but with just a click of a button, that is cut to just AU$114.70 (NZ$124.50).  

The video shows the majority of the customer's savings came from utilising the supermarket's free plate and glassware promotion.

The promotion, which ran last October, gave Everyday Rewards members the chance to earn Villeroy and Boch dinnerware, glasses and cutlery. 

The promotion allowed members to earn a credit for every $20 they spent, which could be used to redeem the tableware. 

In the video, the shopper purchased several plates and bowls which were taken off the bill - thus causing the immense savings. 

But where the savings came from sparked controversy online, with many saying they weren't really saving money at all. 

"Aah so you bought their average quality kitchenware and used points you've gained by spending thousands with them - so it's not really free is it?" one person commented. 

"I spent almost $250 and could collect only 13 credit points. You must have spent a lot or bought unnecessary stuff just to earn credit points," another said. 

"It's just $230 of cutlery, bowls and plates that are free with the rewards card. It's not like this drops your grocery bill," one person added. 

"Nothing's free," someone simply commented. 

"Woolies items still break, simply a high $$ figure doesn't make it better than anything else. Rewards points are a joke, not worth it!!" someone else said. 

But others defended the shopper with one person saying they recently used the reward to save hundreds of dollars. 

"I did that at Xmas and got $265 for $15. Best Xmas ever...." they said. 

"I love the free tableware. I legit was just thinking that I needed more cutlery just before it was announced. I've gotten six sets so far!" another person said. 

"To be honest you don't spend much to earn the credits… we've been Everyday Extra members since before it was advertised and we've saved more than the fee," another said. 

A Woolworths spokesperson congratulated the shopper on their haul. The spokesperson told 7News: "This is why we encourage customers to become Everyday Rewards members. 

"Joining the program is free and points earned can be used to save on your next shop and while it's almost a year away, customers are saving for the festive season with Bank for Christmas."