OnlyFans star and fitness influencer Andréa Sunshine shares downsides of being a 'hot grandmother'

Andréa Sunshine composite
The 53-year-old personal trainer is an OnlyFans star, mum-of-three, grandma-of-two and influencer - and works out four hours a day. Photo credit: @andrea__sunshinee / Instagram

A grandmother who regularly shares saucy snaps to her OnlyFans and boasts more than 200,000 followers on Instagram has spoken out about the downsides of life as a "hot grandma". 

Andréa, a 53-year-old personal trainer, life coach and grandmother-of-two, has built a significant following on social media for her motivational content, including insights into her strenuous exercise routine and snaps in scanty bikinis that show off her gym-honed physique. 

Speaking to The Sun, the OnlyFans star - who is originally from Brazil but lives and works in London - revealed that despite being a "mature lady in her 50s", she is frequently hounded by men in their 20s and 30s, both on Instagram and in reality.

"At my age, it is a time in your life when if nobody pays any attention to you, you start feeling like nobody sees you. But when you start getting so much attention from beautiful people, you start feeling like you're glowing again," she told The Sun.

When men aren't sliding in her DMs, they're typically approaching her at the gym, she said - often under the guise that they need help with their form. 

"They normally come with the excuse of needing some help. They try asking me, 'You work out so much, can you help me with this or that?' Then... they try to get close and get some other information from me like, 'Where do you live?' and 'Do you have plans for tonight?'" 

But the attention comes at a cost, Andréa admitted, noting that her nine-year-old grandson isn't such a fan of having a "hot grandmother" - particularly in front of his friends.

"He's a little bit shy... sometimes I see that he's not very comfortable," Andréa disclosed. 

Despite her grandson's reservations, the 53-year-old says her three adult children - two of whom are in their 30s and the other in his 20s - are supportive of her career, which began to take shape following her divorce in 2006.

"I was so deep in despair and decided to go harder at the gym. Soon after, I began enjoying it more. Then I started gaining more self-confidence, which made me feel better," she said.

Now working as a personal trainer, life coach and self-proclaimed "fitness influencer", Andréa has also amassed a loyal following on OnlyFans, where subscribers pay to access her raunchier content. 

Speaking to The Sun about her 'perfect man', Andréa - who claims she hasn't been in love since her divorce - admitted while a "good body" is attractive, she's now looking for a deeper connection.

"Personally, as a mature woman, I'm more into what's on the inside."

And whoever Andréa finds love with will have to accept her appetite, with the grandmother claiming she eats up to 5000 calories a day to maintain her muscle mass and fuel her intensive training regime, which sees her spend four hours a day in the gym. 

Andréa also waved off speculation that her toned physique has been achieved through plastic surgery, claiming she's only undergone two procedures - breast augmentation and liposuction - that were performed prior to her career in fitness.

"Now I believe if you're committed to fitness and a good diet, you don't need those surgeries," she said. "I work out like hell - everything is real besides the breasts."