Expert explains why age-gap relationships can be doomed from the beginning

An expert says relationships where there's a larger age gap may be doomed from the beginning due to "minority stress".

It comes as actor Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, has come under fire for allegedly dating a 19-year-old.

Dicaprio was slammed on social media after he was spotted with the teen model, Eden Polani.

Clinical neuropsychologist Dr Hannah Korrel spoke to The Project about how significant age gaps in dating can be doomed before they even begin.

"One of the biggest predictors of the relationship failing is something called minority stress. Not many people date in that big age gap range - it's a minority in society," Korrel said.

"When there is stress placed on that minority, that's the predictor that tends to make it fail."

Korrel said when the age gap is significantly larger than what is considered normal, people like to put their two cents in about the relationship.

"All the people around the relationship pass off judgement, they pass off ridicule and they essentially scrutinise the relationship before it gets started."

Watch the full interview with Dr Korrel above.