Kendall Jenner sparks Photoshop fail speculation with photo of her very long hand

We all know the Kardashians have had their fair share of Photoshop fails (remember when Kim sported a sixth toe?) and now, Kendall Jenner has sparked speculation of yet another digit debacle with a snap that showed off her long legs and, um, fingers.

In a series of snaps shared on Sunday to her Instagram, which boasts 276 million followers, the model flaunted several photos of her recent "31-hour" trip to an unspecified coastal location. 

In one of the snaps, the 27-year-old was pictured crouching before a picturesque view of the shoreline in a scanty black floss bikini. The shot appeared to be candid, with Jenner squinting at the camera and her tousled, seemingly damp hair swept across her face - but the internet was quick to spot a tell-tale sign that the pic perhaps wasn't au naturel after all.

Many took to the comments to question the Kardashian-Jenner sister about her incredibly long fingers, with her hand appearing the same length as her foot in the snap.

The possible Photoshop flop was called out by writer and fashion columnist Evan Ross Katz, who tweeted a close-up of Jenner's elongated extremity with the caption: "All the money in the world and yet…"

While the appearance of Jenner's grippers could be due to distortion through the camera lens, many have branded it yet another example of a Photoshop fiasco for the famous family, with one commenting on the post: "Why the long hand?"

The photo of Kendall Jenner and her allegedly Photoshopped hand
The lengthy grippers have caused quite a stir on social media. Photo credit: @kendalljenner / Instagram

"Why? What is wrong with your fingers?" another said, with a third quipping: "People criticise the Jenners for claiming their fortune is 'self made' but seriously, Kendall has done it all single-handedly."

"What in the Elastigirl is going on," said another, with one simply declaring: "What up with that hand tho."

"You should have a whole team behind you stopping you from posting poorly edited pictures," Twitter user @biggiesulls pointed out, with a primary care physician adding: "Well at least when the Photoshopping is so obvious, maybe it makes a few teenage girls feel a little less bad about themselves."

Others defended Jenner, with some sharing previous photos of her hands and noting that she does have naturally long, slender fingers, and will likely have larger hands due to her height - reportedly standing at five-foot-ten-inches.

Jenner has yet to address her stretched-out phalanges, but we might be waiting a long time. The Kardashians typically don't respond to accusations of Photoshop-gone-wrong - although Jenner's older half-sister, Kim Kardashian, did once admit to Photoshopping her niece into a Disneyland snap. 

"It wasn't the aesthetic I was going for and I can own up to that! You know how much a good aesthetic means to my soul. And I will be damned if Kylie [Jenner] will ruin that for me and mess up my IG [Instagram] grid," she said in response to the accusations.

"So thank you True [her niece] for taking one for the team! I didn't think it would be that big of a deal if her own mom questioned if I snuck her to Disneyland for the first time."