'Why have you got six toes': Kim Kardashian fans spot new Photoshop fail

This story was first published in August 2019.

Kim Kardashian makes a lot of money from Instagram. Social media is integral to the Kardashian's career. And since Instagram is such a large part of her job, maybe Kardashian should think about investing in a better-qualified Photoshop guy.

The suspected Photoshop faux-pas can be spotted on the makeup mogul's new promotional shot for her upcoming fragrance. Clad in a one-legged bodysuit à
la Jennifer Lopez, Kardashian exposes a toned leg, a perfectly pedicured foot - and a sixth toe. 

Instagrammers have taken to the comments section, hounding Kardashian for answers to the sixth-toe scandal.

"Why have you got six toes?" one person asked bluntly.

"That sixth toe is iconic," said American columnist and media personality, Perez Hilton.

One fan needed to take a step back and reevaluate the situation.

"Am I tripping, or does Kim have six toes? Someone explain, I'm so confused! I counted so many times," they lamented.

Other Instagrammers highlighted another potential Photoshop fail, questioning Kylie Jenner's impressively muscular forearm in comparison to her wrist. As it turns out, the bulk aligns a little too perfectly with the mogul's trim hourglass waist. 

The photo has racked up close to 3.3 million likes since it was shared on Tuesday - all publicity is good publicity, after all.

If Kardashian really does have an extra piggy, good on her for embracing the quirk on such a public platform. 

She has yet to address the mystery of the additional digit.