Review: QT Hotels' Valentine's Day 'Do Not Disturb' room package is a libido-lifting experience for lovers

Composite of room package at QT, No Ugly tonic, cocktails and Do Not Disturb sign
Let's talk about sex, baby. Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Images - Supplied / Newshub

A quick PSA, it's Valentine's Day in T-minus 11 days. No matter your thoughts on the holiday ("it's a capitalist scam!") or how you and yours choose to commemorate your undying love, there's no simpler way to celebrate the occasion than with the big O. Yes, let's talk about sex, baby. 

Amid the hubbub of day-to-day life, keeping that fabled fire alive is too often relegated to the backburner. Sex can become just another chore, something else to tick off the to-do list. With so many of us juggling a job, childcare, friends, family, fitness and you know, eating, sleeping and the occasional trip to the loo, it's no wonder the flames of passion are so often stamped out. Plus, our constant connectivity - cue the bleating and binging of several devices - can make it that much harder to connect IRL. If only there was a 'Do Not Disturb' sign one could hang from their forehead. 

Well, this could be the one-way ticket back aboard the love boat. 

To help remove the hush-hush around the ultimate rush and encourage couples to get back on the horse (proverbially speaking), this February QT Hotels and Resorts has partnered with No Ugly's Libido tonic to offer a Do Not Disturb room package that celebrates the love of libido. Of course, you don't need a fancy hotel room to get it on (I'm sure we've all done it in far less desirable places), but sometimes, shutting out all the noise is just what the doctor ordered: a sweet escape where the door stays shut and the lights are low. 

From 'love potions' to Spin the Bottle and strawberries, the unique experience puts sex front-and-centre (or whatever position you like to do it in) in a bid to "open the conversation on sexual wellness, just in time for Valentine's Day", according to QT Director of Brand, Danelle Ayers.

Last week, my partner and I were able to experience the Do Not Disturb package for ourselves - and it did not disappoint. No, I shall not be divulging intimate details of my sex life for the world to read (hi, mum), but rest assured: it did what it was supposed to do. 

A room at the QT Auckland
The QT is known for its beautiful and trendy rooms with luxurious furnishings - and even better beds. Photo credit: Supplied

Upon checking in at QT Auckland, a trendy boutique hotel at the cutting edge of luxury accommodation, we entered our stunning suite to be greeted by a delectable spread of chocolate strawberries and pearlescent bonbons on the half shell. A bottle of bubbly was delivered to our door, and with Prosecco in hand, we were quick to don the fluffy black robes and cheers to a night of libido-lifting activities. 

Chocolate strawberries and prosecco on arrival
As part of the room package, guests receive a bottle of bubbly and chocolate strawberries on arrival. Photo credit: Newshub

First on the itinerary was a stop at the QT's rooftop bar, a hotspot for afterwork drinks set against a backdrop of the cityscape. It's here we got to sample the aphrodisiac aperitifs, or 'love potions', which will be brewed across QT's signature bars in Auckland, Queenstown and Wellington this month. The love potions are concocted using No Ugly's Libido tonic, which is made with ingredients scientifically formulated to support your libido, including ashwagandha, maca root, nootropics ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

From the menu, we enjoyed the Philtre, a mix of Hayman gin, Americano Bianco, ginger liqueur, grapefruit and lemon; the It Takes Tea to Tango, a non-alcoholic infusion of lemon peel black tea, vanilla bean syrup and citric acid; and the Strong Desire, teaming Four Pillars Chaos' hibiscus-infused gin with wild strawberries, grapefruit and lemon. 

Love Potion cocktails at QT Rooftop Bar
Love potions are another part of the package, formulated to lift your libido - much nicer than oysters, too. Photo credit: Newshub

Next, we returned to our room for a cute, cosy evening of watching people get decapitated in Game of Thrones, which we watched from quite possibly the most deliciously comfortable super king bed known to man. The room added to the moody, intimate atmosphere with its rich, dark hues and open-plan design - and a giant freestanding bathtub conveniently located a robe's throw from the bed. 

No Ugly Libido Tonics
QT partnered with No Ugly Tonics to bring the vision to life. Every packages includes a couple of the No Ugly Libido Tonics to get you in the mood. Photo credit: Newshub

We then made use of said bath, using the aptly named Lush 'Sex Bomb' provided to create a pink, effervescent pool of goodness. We then attempted to enjoy the specially curated 'Q The Mood' Spotify playlist for the full sensory experience but as two musos, we weren't overly enamoured with the song selection, so opted for our own. To note, the TV comes equipped with Chromecast, making it easy to play the music or entertainment of your choosing. 

After more Prosecco in the tub and a quick rinse under the rainfall shower (and fast-forwarding some details), we resumed the gore and grit with more GoT (plus an early-morning trip across the bathroom which resulted in several large cuts and bruises on my legs, love that for me). 

Bathtub with pink bath bomb in the water
A bath, anyone? Photo credit: Newshub

When it comes to off-screen entertainment, the Do Not Disturb package offers the preteen classic, Spin the Bottle; those who are game can win a chance to 'get a room' by scanning a QR code across participating QT bars. Lucky lovers could win nights at QT, a year's supply of No Ugly Tonic, complimentary love potions and other libido-lifting novelties.

The room also came equipped with a pack of truth-or-dare cards to really 'get to know' your S/O. Although we were arguably a little too intoxicated to partake in any of the dares, the 'truth' cards do facilitate an enjoyable bonding experience with your partner - unless, of course, you get one of the questions wrong, and World War III kicks off ("yOu ShOuLd'Ve KnOwN tHaT").

After a restful night in the luxuriously plush bedding, we enjoyed breakfast in bed before taking our leave. Did we feel more in love than ever? I'm not sure - we didn't get into an argument though, so I guess that's a good sign. 

QT Junior Suite bathroom, with rose on the shower wall
QT's rooms come with rainfall showers and modern bathrooms - the standalone tub is available in the Junior Suite. Photo credit: Newshub

All in all, the QT certainly makes a beautiful home away from home for a night of reconnecting with your partner. And yes, having sex, obviously.

For those with cash to splash (rates start at $499 a night), the Do Not Disturb initiative is a gorgeous way to celebrate your love this month, or even hit the spot for a night of self-care. Of course, the premise of the package could be easily recreated at home for a much cheaper Valentine's Day, but if you want to leave your stressors and pressures at the door, this could be the option for you. Besides, it's February - if your year didn't quite start off with a bang, this will do the trick. 

For the month of February, guests can book a Do Not Disturb room package at QT Auckland, QT Wellington or QT Queenstown that features:

  • A one-night stay in a room of your choosing
  • A bottle of bubbles and chocolate strawberries on arrival
  • Two Love Potion cocktails and No Ugly Libido tonics
  • Libido-lifting luxuries and amenities to uncover
  • A 'Q The Mood' playlist to set the scene
  • Breakfast in bed for two
  • A curated list of the most romantic spots in town.

Lana Andelane received a complimentary one-night stay in QT Auckland's Junior Suite for this review.