DNA test reveals married couple is actually related - 17 years on and three children later

Celina and Joseph Quinones
Photo credit: Instagram

A happily married couple who share three children has discovered they are actually cousins following a shocking DNA test.

Celina and Joseph Quinones, from the state of Colorado, had been married for 17 years when Celina decided she wanted to learn more about her lineage. 

After taking a DNA test, she didn't have to search far to discover her husband Joseph was also her cousin. 

Under the username @realestatemommas, Celina shared her discovery on TikTok, captioning the video: "Married my husband in 2006. Not thinking anything of it we had three kids. Come to find out we're related and cousins."

The clip quickly went viral and has since amassed over four million views, with thousands of viewers telling the couple to break up following the revelation. 

But Celina caused further controversy when she confirmed she and Joseph will remain together despite the shocking discovery.

"That is revolting, why are you still together!?" one commented, with a second adding: "Throwing up just thinking about this."

In a book Celina wrote about the experience, she joked that their strange story has served as "a good ice-breaker", but urged other couples to check their heritage just to be safe. 

In her book Celina also described the moment she realised her husband was in fact her cousin, calling the news "devastating". However, she noted that the couple's relationship is now stronger than ever. 

"This was three kids in that I found out we were related. I did my DNA test, I think in 2016, and yeah, it was devastating because I was like, 'Babe we're related, are we even supposed to be together? This is weird'."

She caused further outrage when she referred to her husband as her 'cousband' - an apparent portmanteau of cousin and husband - and told viewers: "I ain't gonna let a little bit of blood destroy what we created, this beautiful family."

Responding to negative comments, Celina maintained they had no clue about the family link until they received the results.  

"No, thank you, we will just be staying cousins, spouses and lovers forever. Now go throw up in your mouth some more."