Dunedin well-being company offers lifetime supply of prunes to future employee

A bowl of prunes
A bowl of prunes Photo credit: Getty Images

A Dunedin well-being company is offering a lifetime supply of prunes for the next person they hire.

On the job hiring website Seek, Givenwell uploaded an advertisement for a principal engineer, offering a $150,000 salary, a percentage of the company and a lifetime supply of prunes.

When Newshub asked Givenwell founder Jonny Mirkin why the company decided to offer prunes to their future employee, he said they wanted to do "something different".

"A lot of businesses decide what's best for their employees, so we thought we would offer prunes as a bit of tongue and cheek, into thinking we [employers] know what's best for them and their well-being," Mirkin told Newshub.

Givenwell, which offers organisations incentives to help employees with their well-being, said in its job description the lifetime supply of prunes was to promote good health.

"You know what they say, a prune a day keeps the doctor away! We're serious about promoting good health and what better way to do that than with a lifetime supply of prunes?" the job description said.

The job description also noted that if the prospective employee doesn't want the prunes, Givenwell will offer a $5000 signing bonus instead.

When Newshub asked exactly how many prunes the new employee would receive, Mirkin said: "We worked it out to be about a prune [every] work day for 50 years."

Mirkin said it would be up to the person to decide whether or not they wanted all of the prunes at once, or handed out over the next 50 years.

"If they want 17,800 prunes in a lump sum, they can have that," Mirkin told Newshub.

Mirkin also told Newshub the new employee would still be entitled to the prunes if they quit their job.

"They still get them, it's an achievement for joining the company."

Mirkin told Newshub the job advertisement was doing well and they hope to hire someone soon.

"We only put the ad up today [Thursday] and have already had a lot of interest and someone has applied."