Bakery says man's mouldy pie was put in warmer by mistake

  • 06/04/2023
Photo of the mouldy pie
Photo credit: Alan Joseph / Supplied

An Auckland man got the fright of his life on Thursday when he discovered the pie he was eating was covered in mould.

Alan Joseph bought the pie from Bake and Beans on Dominion Rd in Mt Roskill when he made the discovery.

Images of the steak and cheese pie, supplied to Newshub, showed the meat covered in white, furry mould.

When Joseph complained, the bakery allegedly told him the mould "could be just from the cheese".

"They claim the steak and cheese pie was baked in the morning," he said. "[I told] them there could be more pies from the same batch that can have [the] same problem."

Joseph went to visit a doctor after consuming the pie, he said.

Despite his concerns that more mouldy pies may have been sold to customers, a spokesman for the bakery insisted it was a one-off mistake.

The pie sold to Joseph was destined for the rubbish but was accidentally put into the warmer by a staff member, the spokesman said.

All pies from the bakery have dates and batch numbers and are baked freshly every day, he added.