New Zealand Reddit users confused by mysterious 'shaped objects' for sale at Kmart

Image of the 2 shaped objects product with an inset photo of a confused man
Interesting. Photo credit: Getty Images / Reddit

A mysterious product on the shelves of Kmart is bamboozling Kiwi customers.

Taking to the New Zealand subreddit on Thursday, a person by the username u/falabro shared a photo of said mysterious item, captioning it: "WTF Kmart."

The product in question is by Kmart's own-brand Anko, simply called: 'Set of 2 Shaped Objects'.

According to the price ticket visible in the photo, the two shaped objects retail for $8 and come in "natural" hues. As per the box, the objects consist of an "arch" and a "wave", which appear to be used for home décor. 

"Product may vary from image shown," the box makes sure to disclose. 

The literal but somewhat unimaginative name has prompted hilarity on the forum, with many New Zealanders questioning the purpose of the product. Others also floated possible settings where the two shaped objects would really shine.

"Thanks, been looking to cop a couple random shaped objects for a while," one said, with another adding: "I'm usually into traditional shapes like cubes and spheres, but sometimes I just feel the urge for something a little more exotic and risqué."

A third suggested the two shaped objects would make a fitting decoration for an Airbnb, with another agreeing: "It'll go really nicely with the cushions that say 'beach' on them and the pastel prints of shells."

"And real estate [home] stagers. To go along with that f***ing highland cattle picture they all use," another weighed in. 

"I love the plain honesty. No guff whatsoever," u/pictureofacat said.

"'Product may vary from image shown?' Is it like a Kinder surprise where you only have a general idea of what you're getting?" u/fluffychonkycat pointed out. 

"My bar for humour must be so low because I've laughed at this more than anything recently," said u/an7667.

Set of 2 Shaped Objects at Kmart
Very mysterious. Photo credit: u/falabro / Reddit

It appears literal product names have become part of Kmart's marketing strategy, with the two shaped objects not the only home décor piece to be named, well, literally what it is. On Kmart New Zealand's website, there is also a 'Pink Glass Object', a 'Tall Decorative Object' - which actually appears to be a rattan vase - and a 'Curved Object'.

Happy Friday, everyone.