Quiet luxury is one of 2023's biggest trends, and Rihanna just shared her take on it - with a $1 million diamond toe ring

Screengrab of Rihanna's diamond toe ring, inset photo of Rihanna smiling and waving
Shine bright like a diamond? Photo credit: Getty Images / @rihanna, TikTok

The world of high fashion is pretty exclusive at the best of times: whether it be specific body types or society's elite, the industry likes to gatekeep, limiting its luxury apparel to the top-drawer or restrictive standards of beauty. 

And a trend taking 2023 by storm marks yet another facet of fashion that the majority of us will not be participating in: quiet luxury, or in a nutshell, attempting to recreate the luxe looks of New York's 'old money' upper echelons. No ostentatious branding or flashy logos: the quiet luxury trend is about understated, pared-back elegance of the highest quality, subtly showing wealth - otherwise known as 'stealth wealth' - rather than screaming it.

You may have heard the term in relation to Gwyneth Paltrow's court wardrobe during her highly publicised trial in March over a ski accident: Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry are other known proponents of quiet luxury. Think classic pieces and timeless, tailored silhouettes that have been carefully crafted with luxury materials, the cut and finish expertly executed - and eye-watering price tags to boot. 

With that being said, it appears the latest luminary to board the quiet luxury bandwagon is Rihanna, who shared a clip to her TikTok on Thursday with the self-explanatory caption, "quiet luxury". 

The clip in question was just 38 seconds of her feet - a bold move on the internet - with a gigantic, glimmering bauble on one toe. 

Yes, Rihanna's grand entrance to understated, 'stealth wealth' subtlety is a massive diamond toe ring. I've heard of wanting a rock on your finger, but never a rock on your toe. 

The clip simply shows Rihanna's pedicured feet parading the giant gem in a pair of black heels with jewel-encrusted ankle straps. 

According to reports, experts at the UK-based jewellers Steven Stone have appraised the value of the diamond as US$1 million. Quiet luxury, indeed.

Of course, RiRi's net worth, according to Forbes' most recent estimates, is around US$1.7 billion, so if she wants flashy phalanges, million-dollar toe bling is a mere drop in the ocean.

Screengrab of Rihanna's diamond toe ring
The toe ring has caused quite a stir. Photo credit: @rihanna, TikTok

While fans went wild for the "free" foot footage, others couldn't help but make pointed jabs, with one commenting: "It's pretty loud sis."

A second snarked, "Very quiet and modest," while a third added: "She's wearing my college tuition on her middle toe."

"I don't even have a diamond like that for my hand - sis got her toes covered," said another.

Shine bright like a diamond, I guess?