Review: Logitech Pop Keys and Mouse are ideal for #OfficeInspo zillennials

Composition of Logitech POP Keys and POP Mouse campaign imagery
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In this new post-pandemic era, more and more employers are embracing the benefits of working from home: increased productivity, a better work-life balance and reduced expenses are just some of the advantages touted by WFH enthusiasts. 

This rise in remote work has seen the tech market boom with ergonomic products, organisational tools and aesthetic accessories, designed to make WFH that much more enjoyable. What kind of #BossBabe are you if you don't have an acrylic monitor stand and label maker? 

With the tech boom has come a TikTok boom: at the time of writing, #WorkingFromHome has amassed more than 15.3 billion views, with content creators sharing their perfectly curated at-home offices and WFH routines - usually with links to their Amazon storefronts. It's here you will find all the #OfficeInspo you need to transform your otherwise dull desk into an organised, #OfficeGoals oasis. 

One such product that has frequently cropped up on my For You feed is Logitech's range of aesthetic wireless keyboards, in particular the Pop Keys: an accessory that provides a 'pop' of colour to any setup while also catering to its millennial-Gen-Z demographic with eight customisable emoji keycaps. 

Although my at-home office is less organised oasis, more organised chaos, I too have dreams of becoming the kind of woman with pens neatly colour-coded by draw divider and a space kept spotlessly clean with a mini desktop vacuum. So when I was offered the chance to review the Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse combo, I saw it as my in. I've been using the Pop keyboard and mouse for a couple of months now, and here are my thoughts.

Firstly, let's talk a little about the colours. My keyboard and mouse came in the Cosmos colourway, a pretty monochrome purple with lavender accents, but there are several colour themes to fit most palettes or clash and contrast. 

While funky-coloured keyboards aren't a new concept, it's nice that more and more options are available for those of us who want to make a statement, or something a little different from bog-standard black. Along with Logitech's Pop range, you're likely to see aesthetically pleasing keyboards from the likes of Basaltech, Sades and Mofii on TikTok.

The four other colourways
There are five colourways to choose from: aside from Cosmos (pictured above), there are Daydream (top left), Blast (top right), Heartbreaker (bottom left) and Mist (bottom right). Photo credit: Photo illustration - Newshub; Image - Logitech

One of the main points of difference with the Pop range is its focus on emojis, which may be a selling point for younger customers, such as uni students and the like. For those who speak fluent emoji, you can customise your Pop Keys to ensure your favourite emojis are just a tap away, with eight swappable keys to choose from. You can assign these keycaps to any existing emoji you like using Logi Options+ app, or tap the 'Emoji Menu' key to choose from the full range as you chat with friends.

Additionally, the top button of the Pop Mouse opens up a menu of emojis for your chats, making it easier than ever to accurately express your thoughts and feelings (just no thumbs up, please). You can also assign the button's function through the Logi Options+ app, whether it be sending your preferred emoji in a tap or shortcuts like Mic Mute or Snip Screen.

Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse campaign imagery in Cosmos
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One of my favourite aspects of the Pop Keys is its retro typewriter-style mechanical keyboard, which provides an intensely satisfying old-school typing experience. As your fingers bounce across the circular keys, you hear the mechanical switches click and clack, much like heels down a hallway or tapping your newly manicured claws against the desk. 

Speaking of claws, I am a fan of obnoxiously long press-on nails, which can make typing a bit of a pain: you have to type with the tips of your acrylics, rather than your fingers. However, I haven't encountered any more difficulty than normal with the Pop Keys, although the spacing of the circular keycaps can make it easy for a nail to slip between them. Oh, first world problems.

Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse campaign imagery in Cosmos
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Let's talk tech for a sec. Both the keyboard and mouse are wireless with Bluetooth connectivity and are super simple to set up, even for noobs like me who get overwhelmed by an HDMI cable. The wireless component is a huge advantage for Pop Keys' place in the aesthetic at-home office, making your desk more streamlined, less cluttered, and less likely to give you a conniption due to excess cables. 

Using the Bluetooth wireless technology or a Logi Bolt USB receiver, you can also pair your Pop Keys and mouse with iPhones, iPads, tablets and the like, which could be ideal for remote workers or students who need the flexibility of working on-the-go, from anywhere and everywhere. Plus, you can pair your Pop Keys with up to three devices at once, with the three 'Easy Switch' keys - F1, F2 and F3 - allowing you to effortlessly swap between them with a single tap. This technology works on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS and iPadOS: no discrimination here. 

Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse campaign imagery in Mist
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While the keyboard provides a soothing and satisfying click-clacking sound, the mouse issues no sound at all: equipped with SilentTouch Technology, every click is as quiet as a mouse (sorry), meaning your Pop Mouse isn't shouting over your Pop Keys. 

Overall, does the Pop range make me feel like a bonafide #BossBabe on my WFH days? I'd say it definitely helps. If you're a visual person like me and find your productivity (and serotonin) is boosted by aesthetically pleasing accessories, the Pop Keys and Pop Mouse could be great options. For the zillennial cohort who grew up with emojis as a form of self-expression, the fun customisable keys are an added perk, and the wireless tech is a big bonus for remote workers who are often on the go.

All in all, are they Newshub Lifestyle approved? Yes. 

Specs and details

Battery life: Pop Mouse and Pop Keys have battery lives of up to two years and three years respectively.

In the box: The Pop Keys keyboard comes with two pre-installed AAA batteries, a Logi Bolt USB Receiver, four extra emoji keys and one pouch; the wireless Pop Mouse comes with one AA battery.

Connection type: Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless (Bluetooth 5.1).

Wireless range: 10 metres.

Customisation app: Supported by Logi Options+ on Windows and macOS.

Price: Pop Keys RRP$169.95; Pop Mouse RRP$64.95.

Lana Andelane was supplied with a Logitech POP Keys Wireless Mechanical Keyboard and POP Wireless Mouse for this review.