Beyoncé's backup dancer saves her from major wardrobe malfunction in viral video

Screengrabs of Beyonce and her dancer navigating the near nip-slip during her Hamburg show
The whole blink-and-you'll-miss-it maneuvre was caught on a fan-filmed video. Photo credit: @byseyn / TikTok

While nipples are something of an accessory these days, thanks in part to the 'Free the Nipple' movement, nip-slips are still, by and large, unintentional - more wardrobe malfunction than fashion statement.

Even Beyoncé isn't immune to such mishaps, with Queen Bee herself avoiding major nip-slippage by the skin of her teeth during an energetic performance of her dance-pop hit, 'Break My Soul', in Hamburg, Germany.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, the music mogul - who is currently performing a world tour for her award-winning album Renaissance - was mere milliseconds away from exposing her breast to the world as she danced to the popular bop. 

In the clip, an attendee captured the 41-year-old grooving along to the single, which won Best Dance/Electronic Recording at the 2023 Grammys, while clad in a shimmery hot pink halter dress with dramatic thigh-high splits and a daring chest cut-out.

But while Bey and her backup dancers excelled, the dress in question was letting the team down - barely holding her, um, appendages in place as she performed. 

Thankfully, on the brink of a full-frontal nip-slip, one of Beyoncé's long-time dancers came to her rescue in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment that has the internet in a chokehold. 

The dancer, one half of the dancing duo Les Twins, can be seen grabbing Bey by the wrist and gracefully planting himself in front of her in a move so smooth, many fans simply thought it was part of the dance routine. Still holding her by the wrist, he then placed her hand over her left breast, seamlessly concealing the malfunction without so much as missing a step. 

He then spun straight back into the routine, while Beyoncé shimmied towards the side of the stage with her hand still on her chest. 

Beyoncé performs onstage during the Renaissance World Tour at Johan Cruijff Arena on June 18, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Beyoncé performs onstage during the Renaissance World Tour at Johan Cruijff Arena on June 18, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands - wearing the pink dress in question. Photo credit: Kevin Mazur / WireImage for Parkwood via Getty Images

The whole manoeuvre was so smooth, many viewers still couldn't figure out what exactly had happened - even after rewatching the footage several times.

"I've watched 100 of these TikToks and I still have zero clue what happened with her dress," one said, with a second commenting: "Not me watching it 10x to see what actually happened."

"To be honest I really don't see it," said another, with a fourth agreeing: "I still can't see what happened after watching it 5011 times."

Others have applauded the dancer's heroic actions, with one viewer writing: "The fact that they didn't even speak. She kept singing but she knew he stepped out of character for a reason."

"It's the way he smoothly did it… like the way he grabbed her hand without missing a beat! It kinda threw her a little bit til she realised what was [happening]," another observed, with a third joking: "I'd clip this to my resume if I was him."

"Somebody getting a raise!" another crowed, while one simply quipped: "Les Twins saved les twins."