Groom cops heavy backlash for using phone as he and new wife walk down aisle

Screengrabs from the video showing the groom checking his phone as he and his wife walk down the aisle
The groom has copped criticism for his "insulting" act at his wedding. Photo credit: TikTok

When it comes to weddings, there are a few cardinal sins: wearing white as a guest is definitely up there, as is showing up late to the ceremony. But perhaps the ultimate faux pas? The groom texting while walking down the aisle with his bride. 

The groom in question is copping serious backlash online after footage of the unidentified newlyweds - and his major indiscretion - went viral on social media. 

After exchanging their vows and the all-important "I do's", the footage shows the couple walking back down the aisle to exit the church. While the woman beams and interacts with their guests, her new husband is seen scrolling through his phone in one hand, while holding his wife with the other.  

The footage, which has since been deleted from TikTok after first being shared by @CynthiaUmunze, has now been viewed more than 43 million times on Twitter alone.

After putting on a brave face for the sake of the guests as they exited the church, the bride appeared to calmly confront her groom once they walked through the front doors, pausing at the top of the stairs. After the brief but seemingly terse exchange, the couple hastily rearranged their expressions to ones of pure marital bliss as they descended the steps. 

But the internet was left unconvinced by the woman's smiles, with many flooding TikTok and Twitter with their two cents on the state of the couple's relationship - and what the groom's behaviour might mean for the future. 

The majority responded to the man's act with outrage, branding it "disrespectful", "insulting" and inexcusable. 

"He's a clown for being on that damn phone," one user remarked on TikTok, while another wondered: "Who on earth is he texting?" 

On Twitter, several urged the bride to have their marriage annulled, with one branding his actions "insane and totally uncalled for".

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing is that important…there is no defence for this," said another. 

Others applauded the bride for her cool, calm and collected approach to the situation, with one deadpanning: "She's a better woman than me, I would have gone berserk."

While many speculated that the groom's behaviour didn't bode well for their marital future, a second video from the wedding was later shared to social media that helped to quash the naysayers, showing the smiling couple happily dancing together at their reception.