Photos of All Black Jordie Barrett used on fake UK dating profile

All Blacks midfielder Jordie Barrett appears to have been impersonated on a UK dating profile. 

An eagle-eye Kiwi spotted a fake Bumble profile of Barrett and shared it on the Kiwis in London Facebook group.

The profile, with pictures of Barrett, was under the name Andrew who said he was 35 years old - Barrett is 26 years old. 

The 'About Me' section said Andrew works in finance and enjoys going out for drinks and a few meals.  

"From NZ. Currently in the UK doing some work, so keen enjoy myself whilst im here [sic]. Keen rugby player and lover of sport. Love a few drinks and going out for meals etc. I cook a hell of a bbq and a roast," the profile said. 

The fake Bumble profile was spotted by Facebook user Daniela Dowall, who shared it to the group with the caption: "Either Jordie Barrett is in town and looking for some side action under the pseudonym of Andrew... or Bumble's verification process requires reviewing."

The Bumble profile had a blue verification tick, which indicates that their profile has been verified. 

The profile said Andrew is 6'4", works out "sometimes", doesn't smoke, and a Taurus.

The photos on Andrew's profile appear to have been taken from Barrett's Instagram page.

Barrett was recently in Canberra, Australia for the Hurricanes quarter-final against the Brumbies last Saturday. 

A Bumble spokesperson told the New Zealand Herald that the fake profile has since been taken down.

"As a platform that's committed to helping people create safe and healthy relationships, fake profiles go against Bumble's values. Anyone found to have uploaded a fake profile or attempted to scam a Bumble member will be banned from our community. We can confirm that the person has been removed from the app," they said in a statement.

But The Project co-host Jeremy Corbett said the account being removed wasn't enough. 

"We need to find this Andrew and make him play second-five against South Africa, just for the couple of hit-ups," Corbett joked. 

Fellow co-host Kanoa Lloyd added: "I think what you don't understand is that you think, like, 'Oh yeah All Blacks, we see them all the time and they're just like you and me', but if you see one of those guys in the IRL [in real life], it's like woah." 

Comedian Hayley Sproull, who was appearing on The Project as a guest, said someone had also stolen her photos for an online dating profile in the past. 

"You usually choose someone incredibly beautiful. I know that because this has happened to me... this was like many, many years ago," she said.

"My brother was at a party, he's three years older... and someone showed him a photo saying that is my girlfriend. He was like that is straight up my sister, what's her name - and someone had taken my stunning face."  

Bumble also shared tips about how to protect yourself from "romance scams" on dating apps.

"Never share sensitive personal information, such as your home address, work address, email address, or account passwords, with someone you just met on Bumble."

Bumble also said you should never share financial information with a new "match", and to be aware that scammers may use personal information from social media profiles to target people.

"Always proceed with caution when making new connections, and never hesitate to block and report someone if you suspect they're trying to scam you or if they make you uncomfortable in any way."

Barrett is yet to comment publicly about the fake Bumble profile.