TikTok user reveals how we've all been scooping ice cream wrong and the internet is mind-blown

Stock image of a bowl of ice cream with inset screengrab from the TikTok video
A TikTok user has shared the scoop behind getting a portion of ice cream - without the arm workout. Photo credit: Getty Images / @justgeorgeous, TikTok

If there's one thing social media is good at, it's telling people how they've been doing the most simple of tasks wrong their entire lives - from peeling bananas to using a pantry staple for a sparkling sink. 

The latest life hack to go viral on TikTok is so mind-blowingly simple, you'll probably wonder why you've never thought of it before: forgoing the struggle of scooping rock-hard ice cream from the tub in favour of, well, chopping it. 

In a video that has been viewed more than 3.3 million times, an Australian by the username @justgeorgeous demonstrated how swapping a spoon for a knife for your next fix of the frozen treat can save you time, energy and a gruelling arm workout when you're just trying to slob on the sofa. Ice cream really makes you work for it. 

In the clip, which has been liked by more than 150,000 viewers since it was uploaded over the weekend, @justgeorgeous grunted as he attempted to scoop out fresh-from-the-freezer ice cream - a struggle all of us should be able to relate to. 

After disappearing off-camera for a few seconds, the man returned with a butter knife - and began slicing himself a portion.

Unlike the spoon, the knife cut through the frozen dessert like butter - making quick work of an otherwise unnecessarily arduous task. 

"Easy way to get ice cream out of [the] container without bending the spoon," he said in the caption, adding: "Use [a] knife."

The hack quickly gained the attention of TikTok users, many of whom took to the comments to express their shock at the alternative technique. 

"Why have I never thought of this... I always bend the spoon," one wrote, with a second adding: "You're joking. How have I never thought of this?"

"I'll definitely be using this trick, thank you!" a third weighed in, with a fourth noting: "Omg! The amount of spoons I've bent trying to get a scoop of ice cream."

"Work smarter, not harder," another agreed, with one user joking: "Bro just chopped his ice cream!"

Several branded the hack "genius", while another admitted they were "flabbergasted" by the simple trick.

Others shared their own hacks, with one suggesting putting hot water on the spoon to help it cut through the cold dessert. Several noted that leaving the tub out on the counter for a few minutes also allows it to thaw before serving. 

Stock image of a bowl of ice cream
A TikTok user has shared the scoop behind getting a portion of ice cream - without the arm workout. Photo credit: Getty Images

Last year, an Australian baker shared that apparently, we've all been peeling our mid-morning banana incorrectly - a development that shocked many of her viewers.

Melbourne-based cake decorator Tigga MacCormack took to TikTok to explain why she no longer peels her bananas from the stem - which according to the number of bananas I have seen consumed in my lifetime, is the typically accepted way of doing it. 

"Most people peel a banana from this end," Maccormack said, gesturing to the pointed end of the fruit. 

"But it's actually better to peel it from this end," she added, pointing to the black nub on the opposite end.