Wife stops cleaning after husband says she 'does nothing around the house'

  • 10/06/2023
Mum-of-two Lindsay
Mum-of-two Lindsay, from New York, posted the ordeal on TikTok Photo credit: TikTok / @lindsaydonnelly2

A fed-up woman has stopped cleaning her family home to prove a point to her husband after he claimed she "does nothing around the house".

In just a couple of days, the house was a complete mess - proving her point.

Mum-of-two Lindsay, from New York, posted the ordeal on TikTok which has been viewed over 14 million times.

"My husband made a comment that I do nothing around the house. So for two days I really did nothing around the house," she wrote on the video.

She then turned the camera to show the mess that had accumulated with piles of laundry items on the floor and dishes everywhere.

Thousands commented on the video from those in similar situations, with many saying she should leave him. 

"Good for you, they don't notice 'til it is no longer done. Used to get the same from my ex," one person commented.

"And then u came home and had to clean it all up anyways," wrote a second.

Another user even simply commented one word: "Divorce." 

After seeing the response from thousands, Lindsay decided to create a follow-up video with her husband where he apologised, saying "sorry TikTok".

The apology did not go down well online. 

"I mean he apologised to us, but did he apologise to you? Like really?" one user said.

"I know we don't know all the details on your life but I hope he apologised to you off camera and starts doing more," another said.

After receiving some backlash, Lindsay came to her husband's defence, clarifying he does help with the cleaning along with doing the cooking and paying the bills.