Farmer fires back after notorious Australian vegan activist likens farming to the Holocaust

  • 15/07/2023
Tash Peterson is known for her dramatic protests at restaurants.
Tash Peterson is known for her dramatic protests at restaurants. Photo credit: TikTok / @hammaddstv; Instagram / Tash Peterson

A high-profile Australian vegan activist has been slammed after she likened farming to the Holocaust.

Tash Peterson, known for her dramatic protests at restaurants and in public spaces, has claimed that farming is the "largest Holocaust in history", stating that "three trillion individuals are brutally murdered every year".

She then used several examples to make her point, starting with pigs, which she says are forced into carbon-dioxide gas chambers, and that the dairy industry is similarly unethical for taking calves away from their mothers so they can be milked for human consumption.

Goat dairy farmer John Martin, who runs Caprino Farm in Perth, shut down those claims in a fiery debate shared to social media.

"You've never been to my place," Martin told her. "Because if you had, you'd know that you're talking a load of s***."

He went on to deny her claims he "rapes animals" by using euphemisms such as artificial insemination.

"I don't use artificial insemination. I run my bucks with my herd. My bucks get the girls when the girls are in season and only then, and it's their choice - nature's choice," Martin said.

"We allow our kids to stay on their mother, we only take the excess milk so you're talking a load of s***."

Peterson has become somewhat infamous on social media for her provocative, attention-grabbing brand of activism. She has previously gone topless and worn lingerie on the streets, brandishing placards with incendiary messaging such as, "We only f**k vegans" and "Plant-based penises last longer". 

She has also stormed stores such as Louis Vuitton in Melbourne, numerous restaurants such as Outback Jacks Bar and Grill, KFC and McDonald's, and supermarkets.

Most recently, Peterson was charged with trespass on Friday for a demonstration at the restaurant Fyre, reported.

She will appear in court on August 7.