Vegan activist Tash Peterson storms Melbourne Louis Vuitton store covered in fake blood

Notorious Australian vegan activist Tash Peterson has stormed a Louis Vuitton store for the second year in a row, covering herself in fake blood in an attempt to urge customers from buying animal products.

The 28-year-old is known for staging confronting protests and promoting veganism.

On Saturday, Peterson protested inside a Louis Vuitton store in Melbourne covered in fake blood and wearing nothing but a G-string in an elaborate stunt to shame shoppers from buying animal products. It is similar to the demonstration she organised a year ago in a Perth Louis Vuitton store, which she called her "most powerful protest ever".

"Louis Vuitton murder cows, sheep, goats, crocodiles, snakes, foxes, minks, ducks and geese. They murder baby lambs and turn their skin into leather jackets," Peterson wrote in an Instagram caption following Saturday's protest.

"Louis Vuitton have blood on their hands and so do you if you're not vegan. The fur, leather, wool, down, scale and silk industries abuse, torture and murder animals."

A video she posted to Instagram showed two black-clad security guards leading her away as shoppers looked on. 

Perth Now reported that police then arrived and cautioned her for criminal damage for allegedly damaging items in the store.

Following last year's similar stunt at the Perth Louis Vuitton store and another protest outside a market in Perth, Peterson was fined $3500 for two counts of behaving in a disorderly manner.

Peterson has previously made headlines for a series of shocking protests, including last year when she dressed as a cow and stormed a supermarket yelling at people they were supporting "rape and murder". 

She was also banned from every pub in Western Australia for nine months for harassing patrons.