Twitter users are weighing in on what Baby Boomers actually got right - here are some of the best responses

Young woman and older woman smile and hug - featuring screengrabs of tweets from thread in article
What Boomer-y viewpoints do you agree with? Photo credit: Composite: Getty Images / Twitter

Every generation gets some stick: Gen-X were lambasted as long-haired, apathetic cynics who blasted grunge in the early '90s, while Millennials have been labelled as avocado-obsessed, job-hopping commitment-phobes who whine about the housing market while buying another almond milk latte. But none more so than Baby Boomers.

Born between 1946 and 1964, Boomers have come to be regarded as a generation of the old-fashioned, presumptive, politically incorrect, condescending and reluctant to change, who often attack or dismiss younger cohorts - primarily Gen-Z - for their lifestyle choices, expressions of identity and sexuality, and increased focus on mental health. The catchphrase, "OK, boomer" ringing a bell? 

'Boomer blaming' has also seen Gen-Z (usually described as those born between 1997 and 2012) and younger millennials criticise their elders for bequeathing them a raft of societal issues, from economic hardship and inequality to climate change, due to their perceived failures as a generation.

It's long been documented and discussed just how different the Boomers and Zoomers are, from their social and political viewpoints to their use of technology, understanding of mental health, attitudes to work, and everything in-between. But what do these two seemingly worlds-apart generations actually have in common

Well, recently a Twitter user by the username @profbobadilla proposed the question, "What makes you go, 'I'm with the boomers on this one'?", a tweet that has since been viewed over 71.2 million times. 

The responses indicate that despite their very obvious differences, some Boomerisms and Boomer viewpoints actually resonate with younger folk - maybe more so than one would assume. Here are some of the best. 

"Give me a GOD DAMN physical menu! I am NOT using my phone to scan a QR code."

"Boomer music > Zoomer music."

"Put the phone down when eating or at the dinner table. 

"You don't need to always 'express yourself' or give your opinion on everything, maybe silence and just a little bit of self-censorship is smart."

"Writing physical thank you notes and Christmas cards."

"Honouring plans that you make."

"I love to get to the airport early."

"'Go play outside'."

"People spend too much time on their phones."

"Being mad at the neighbours popping fireworks after 10pm on a work night."

"PDFs are unnecessarily difficult."

"Headphone jacks shouldn't have gone."

"People need to stop ghosting each other and be more direct, learn how to keep friendships."

"I like to try on clothes before I buy them."

"I want to own my media."

"We've got food at home."

"$30,000 home prices."

"Eating dinner at the dinner table, as a family."

"'That baby needs a hat on its head'."

"The music in some restaurants is just too damn loud."