US man rekindles romance with high school sweetheart 60 years later, surprises her with moving proposal at airport

Screenshots of Thomas' proposal to Nancy at Tampa Airport
Thomas and Nancy first dated almost 60 years ago. Photo credit: @jobuns_ / TikTok

For all the sceptics out there who say true love no longer exists, well, hold onto your hats (and your cynicism) - here's proof to the contrary. 

An elderly man has gone viral on social media after his rom-com-worthy proposal was filmed and shared to TikTok, where it has since been viewed over 2.3 million times.

The man, a doctor named Thomas, reconnected with his high-school sweetheart Nancy last month - 60 years after they first met and fell in love as teenagers. Unfortunately, according to reports, their relationship fell through, and the pair eventually lost touch.

But six decades later, Thomas and Nancy not only found each other again, but realised their feelings for one another hadn't changed. Over the next three weeks, the two rekindled their romance as they spoke for hours on the phone, with Nancy soon deciding to take a flight to Tampa, Florida to see her long-lost love in person. 

Upon her arrival, Thomas got down on one knee in a surprise proposal that has now warmed the hearts of millions. 

In a clip shared to her TikTok, a woman named JoJo - who claims to be a colleague of Thomas - documented the moment he delivered a heartfelt speech to Nancy, who cried with happiness before the two embraced. 

"POV: The doctor you work with rekindles with his high-school sweetheart from 60 [years] ago and proposes," JoJo, who goes by the username @jobuns_, captioned the moving footage. 

"My heart! Sweetest proposal. He was so excited!" she added. 

The initial snippet was shared with Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' playing over the audio, and viewers were quick to request the unedited footage - with sound - to be shared. 

JoJo obliged, sharing part of Thomas' touching speech. Dressed in a suit with his knee on a small pillow, Thomas declared his love for his "soulmate" as Nancy cried and clutched his hand, with smiling bystanders stopping to watch the tender moment unfold. 

"My dear Nancy, it's been 60 years since we first met, 56 years since we first dated, 10 years since I last saw you, and 20 days since we began this," he read from a sheet of paper, his voice shaking with emotion. "You have always been the one I've had a crush on, since your cheerleader days. 

"It brings a smile to my face, it makes my heart skip a beat [to see you]. For the last three weeks I have thought of you every day, every hour and have talked to you every night for hours," Thomas continued as he knelt before her. "I longed to see you again, hold you in my arms, and tell you how much you mean to me. 

"You are the most incredible person I have ever met… You're everything that I have ever wanted in a partner, lover and friend," he continued, before popping the question to a sobbing Nancy. 

"I come to you humbly today, June 30th, with a proposal. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, cherish every moment we have together to make everyday an exciting new adventure and grow old with you.

"Will you Nancy, give me the honour of being my soulmate in life, my partner in every sense of the word, my beloved wife forever - will you marry me?"

His proposal was met with an instant 'yes', with an ecstatic Thomas cheering, "Oh, yes!" before laughing in glee, throwing his arms out and hugging his new fiancée as onlookers clapped for the couple.

JoJo also shared a sweet snap of the happy couple posing with a handmade sign that read, "She said YES!" and congratulatory balloons. 

The proposal has proved an instant hit with viewers, many of whom took to the comments to congratulate the couple and share their emotional reactions to Thomas' sweet gesture.

"Ladies, this is our reminder to never settle for less than THIS," one woman wrote, with a second adding: "The 'oh yes!' - and now I'm crying in the subway parking lot."

"I'm crying so hard. I love the pillow. The honesty. The reactions," said a third, while a fourth commented: "I wish these two all the happiness in the world. This made me cry my eyes out, I felt like I was there."

"They were meant to be, nor time or distance tore them apart," another weighed in. "When two souls are meant to be, they will find each other."

Another branded their reunion "THE love story of all time", while one noted that it's "never too late to find your happily ever after".

"They prove real love exists," another declared.

BRB, crying.